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In length Honshu one suspension bridge, dragon large suspension bridge located in Ibaraki Prefecture Hitachiota, as the season permanent held site the largest in Japan, you can enjoy a maximum height of about 100m of bungee jumping. If Fumidase the first step in the courage and action, that does not spread in front of the eyes of experienced until now the new world. Sense of unity with the imagination more than the thrill and the great outdoors, you can taste the sense of accomplishment and the feeling of freedom at the same time. Adopt a winch system bungee site of the dragon. They will pull up the electric winch to not descend to the bottom after the jump, it is the charm can share the excitement with friends back to the top soon. It should be noted, bungee site is human error is designed such that to zero, in accordance with strict operating manual based on the guidelines, we carry out day-to-day elaborate safety checks and maintenance.

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