How to enjoy new activities in the after / with corona era

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Since 2020, the world has begun to move in search of new lifestyles. While taking measures to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus (COVID-19), more and more shops are enjoying their activities more than ever with their own unique ideas. This time, we would like to introduce an initiative that goes one step further.

【please note】
The information on this page is as of June 4, 2020. The business status of the shops to be introduced and the availability of plans may change depending on the situation after that. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at the time of booking.

Customer understanding is of utmost importance!
PR with the original infectious disease prevention video.

Gunma Prefecture Minakami Canoeing / Kayaking Experience Nomad House

--Please tell us about Nomad House's unique preventive measures against infectious diseases.

Basically, we will implement it in accordance with the infectious disease control guidelines established by the Minakami Town Outdoor Federation. Participants are requested to wear things that cover the mouth (masks, buffs, neck warmers, etc.) at the reception, safety explanations, piers, etc. * If you want to remove the mask during the experience, please store it in a waterproof case (zip lock, etc.). At the reception and experience, keep a distance of 2m (minimum 1m) or more and avoid crowding.

We need your cooperation above all to implement the measures. We make a video to see in advance what kind of infectious disease prevention measures we are taking.

The staff conducts a 5-day special training on risk countermeasures.
You can enjoy it with confidence!

Gunma Prefecture Minakami Rafting Experience Kappa CLUB

--Please tell us about Kappa Club's unique infectious disease prevention measures.

The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, Gunma Prefecture, Japan Sports Association, Minakami Town Outdoor Association's standards and guidelines for new coronavirus infections have been used as a reference to create their own guidelines, and after taking measures against infectious diseases as much as possible, the caution of Gunma Prefecture We will set our own capacity with reference to the code of conduct according to the level, and attract and manage customers. In preparation for the postponed opening, a 5-day special training was held, including explanations of countermeasures for each situation of staff, possible risk assessment during the tour, consideration of countermeasures, and trials.

In the future, we plan to change the response as appropriate according to the spread of infection and the relaxation of national and prefectural guidelines.

Thorough disinfection of things that come into contact with the mouth, and sales of mouthpieces have also started.

Okinawa / Miyakojima snorkeling Summer Resort Miyakojima

--Please tell us about the unique preventive measures for infectious diseases at Summer Resort Miyakojima.

Places and objects that are touched by multiple people, such as facilities and equipment, will be disinfected as appropriate. Among them, the mouthpieces for snorkeling and diving that you put in your mouth are thoroughly disinfected. If you are still interested, we have prepared for you to purchase a new mouthpiece (550 yen including tax) locally.

In addition, please prepare the necessary documents such as the application form in advance. If this is not possible, the rule is to wipe all shared items such as writing utensils with alcohol before using them.

Hypochlorite water that is safe and has a high sterilization effect,
Clean all the equipment you use! It is safe for children.

Okinawa main island, blue cave, Onna village snorkel, experience diving Pink Mermaid Co., Ltd.

--Please tell us about Pink Mermaid's unique preventive measures against infectious diseases.

At our shop, which is often used by directly touching the skin or holding it in the mouth, we decided to introduce an acidic electrolyzed water (hypochlorous acid water) generator (WOX-40WA (-R) made by HOSHIZAKI) from the end of June. All equipment used in the tour will be washed with hypochlorite watering. The acidic electrolyzed water generator made by HOSHIZAKI complies with the standards set by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare that can be used for food sterilization of hypochlorous acid water. "Hypochlorite water" has sterilizing and deodorizing effects, and is also used in hospitals, restaurants, childcare facilities, etc. Hypochlorite water is an electrolyzed "saline", so there is no problem if you touch it or drink it.

Please fill out the application form (health diagnosis questionnaire) when participating in all tours held at our shop.

Pre-training (how to use equipment, briefings, etc.) is conducted not indoors but in an outdoor space, and is conducted for each group that applies.

Pick up in Tokyo (in front of your designated home)!
You can rest assured that you can tour to sightseeing spots that avoid crowds and have a small number of people.

Yamanashi Prefecture, Lake Kawaguchi, Lake Saiko, Fujiyoshida, Lake Shoji, Lake Motosu Sightseeing Tour / Bus Tour HIS Co., Ltd. Visiting Business Headquarters

--Please tell us about your own infectious disease prevention measures at the HIS Infectious Diseases Visiting Business Headquarters.

We carry out sightseeing tours that clear the following three points to avoid denseness.
① A small group trip limited to a maximum of 12 people!
The number of people on the tour is small, from 2 to 12 people, and you can enjoy the tour as if you were chartered.

② Completely private departure and arrival at home!
Since you are departing from your home, you can leave with confidence without having to travel to the meeting place by public transportation.
* If you are a family member or friend of an acquaintance, you can arrive and depart from your home within the same ward.
However, there will be one transfer per group. It is not a shared ride with other customers.
If there is no space in front of your home where you can park for more than 5 minutes, we will pick you up at "near your home".

③ Guide to sightseeing spots that avoid denseness!
At the 5th station of Mt. Fuji, you can get a free guide to the rooftop observatory and enjoy fruit hunting in the great outdoors.

Introduced acrylic board and face shield.
We provide an environment where you can immerse yourself in the ceramic art experience with a small number of people!

Meguro Ceramics Class, Tokyo Senshu Craft

--Please tell us about Senshu Craft's unique preventive measures against infectious diseases.

We will measure the body temperature of the customer when he / she comes to the store (ordering a non-contact thermometer), and refuse if the temperature is 37.5 ° C or higher. We also ask you to wear a mask when you enter the room and to diligently disinfect your hands with alcohol.

In addition to cleaning and disinfecting the tools used each time, the number of people who experience each time is reduced and the seats are set to be spaced apart, and acrylic boards are installed on each table to separate the neighbors and face-to-face. I will.

Employees thoroughly measure the temperature, check their physical condition, and use masks on the day of the experience. Wear a face shield when performing electric potter's wheel.

Information for each group in the morning and afternoon!
Make silver accessories with confidence for couples and families.

Saitama Prefecture / Kawagoe / Tokorozawa Silver Accessory Class Silver dolphin

--Please tell us about the unique preventive measures for infectious diseases of silver dolphins.

We will guide you in the morning and afternoon sections with one set reserved, so there will be no contact with other customers. We ask our customers to disinfect their hands at the entrance when they come to the store. Although one set is reserved at the time of the lesson, tools shared by customers can be wiped with a disinfectant sheet each time.

The classroom has two large windows and is well ventilated. In addition, we have prepared a disinfectant spray, and the rental tools used are thoroughly disinfected in advance. There is an hour between the morning and afternoon sessions, so we provide sufficient ventilation and disinfect the tools during that time.

The staff measures the body temperature every day and manages the physical condition. Although I am wearing a mask, since it will be a face-to-face lesson, I will attach a vinyl curtain to prevent splashes from flying to the customer.

With thorough management and cooking for one customer,
Please enjoy the houseboat in early summer with confidence!

Tokyo / Ginza / Tsukiji Houseboat Ishikawa Maru

--Please tell us about Ishikawa Maru's unique preventive measures against infectious diseases.

Before boarding the ship, we measure the body temperature with a non-contact thermometer and confirm the physical condition verbally. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we cannot board the ship.

In addition to reducing the number of seats and widening the space between each customer's seats, seats are installed so that customers are not crowded. We manage seats such as arranging the seats of passengers on a shared ship side by side so that they do not face each other. If the seats are arranged so that they face each other, we will install a transparent acrylic partition to prevent droplet infection.

Ventilation is carried out by opening windows frequently to replace the air inside the ship. In addition, a disinfectant solution is installed in front of the common space on the ship (inside the ship, toilet, washroom, etc.). If you need to touch an object or part, please diligently disinfect your hands. Employees wear masks and thoroughly disinfect their hands.

All dishes are served by one person. The serving of platters has been suspended to prevent the spread of infection.

Activity Japan offers not only infection control but also an online experience that you can easily enjoy at home.

Not only indoor experiences, but also outdoor activities, such as plans that make you feel as if you are participating in activities in the great outdoors.

Please also use the online experience.

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