Things to do in Sanin / Sanyo

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Sanin Sanyo (Chugoku) leisure and activities in the beautiful natural environment has been preserved tourist spot in has been enhanced. In the calm Seto Inland Sea of ??Sanyo, SUP (stand up paddle boat) experience, is a sea kayak tour is popular around the Shimanami. The spot where you can enjoy the jeans production and like making things sightseeing rental at some of the Itsukushima Shrine Miyajima and Japanese cultural experience in Okayama are also many. In the Sea of ??Japan coast of San Guests can indulge in a surfing and diving. Kayak and SUP in Uradome Coast called Matsushima of Sanin is recommended. You can enjoy activities to enjoy in paragliding and sand dunes in Tottori.

Sanin / Sanyo's popular area
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