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Snorkeling (snorkeling (German) or snorkeling (English)) is a style of enjoying relatively shallow waters such as beach and rocky areas throughout the country while goggles, flippers are usually attached and breathing is secured It is about marine sports. It is similar to skin diving (submarine) using similar instruments, but unlike skin diving that dives from water depths of 5 m to 20 m, snorkeling will float with buoyancy and enjoy underwater. Also, it is recommended that you do not need to prepare professional qualifications beforehand and that you can participate at a relatively low price. Basically the recommended age for participation is around 10 years old, but there are plans that can participate from about 2 years old. A group of fish swimming underwater and a beautiful coral are magnificent, looking through the lens. It is wonderful to spend a pleasant time watching the fantastic marine creatures in a preeminent landscape, such as Chivisi Atoll in Okinawa. The time of the open space is around June where the days are long and tourists are few. Let's check the local information of the desired area in advance such as weather so that we will not be disappointed after arrival.


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