Parasailing experience in Japan 250Results / Popularity order

Do you know popular parasailing in resort areas such as Okinawa? It is a marine sport that wears a swimsuit, fly to the sky from the sea while being pulled by the boat with a parachute attached to the boat. As no paraglider-like difficult handling techniques are required, even non-experienced people can experience panoramic scenery of the sky and the sea with an invigorating and moving touch simply by asking a brief explanation from the staff. In Japan, in addition to the central area such as Onna village, northern part of Onna village, which is said to be the Yanbaru area, the Chubu area, Kita valley and Koza, remote islands around Okinawa main island such as Mizushima Island, Ishigakijima, Kerama Goto, etc. seen from the air Experience courses are held in places where the view of the ocean is beautiful. Since you can also book from the net, feel free to apply it. There are also sale plans that are posted at cheap prices even when compared to the price quote. If you are planning a family trip to Okinawa and there are people who do not know the information, how about introducing one? It seems that you can participate from the age of 12 as a guide from children of 12 years old.