[Okinawa / Ishigaki Island] Parasailing Middle 150m Rope << Big Flight >>の紹介画像
[Okinawa / Ishigaki Island] Parasailing Middle 150m Rope << Big Flight >>の紹介画像
[Okinawa / Ishigaki Island] Parasailing Middle 150m Rope << Big Flight >>の紹介画像
[Okinawa / Ishigaki Island] Parasailing Middle 150m Rope << Big Flight >>の紹介画像
[Okinawa / Ishigaki Island] Parasailing Middle 150m Rope << Big Flight >>の紹介画像
[Okinawa / Ishigaki Island] Parasailing Middle 150m Rope << Big Flight >>の紹介画像
[Okinawa / Ishigaki Island] Parasailing Middle 150m Rope << Big Flight >>の紹介画像
[Okinawa / Ishigaki Island] Parasailing Middle 150m Rope << Big Flight >>の紹介画像
[Okinawa / Ishigaki Island] Parasailing Middle 150m Rope << Big Flight >>の紹介画像
[Okinawa / Ishigaki Island] Parasailing Middle 150m Rope << Big Flight >>の紹介画像
[Okinawa / Ishigaki Island] Parasailing Middle 150m Rope << Big Flight >>の紹介画像
[Okinawa / Ishigaki Island] Parasailing Middle 150m Rope << Big Flight >>の紹介画像
[Okinawa / Ishigaki Island] Parasailing Middle 150m Rope << Big Flight >>の紹介画像
[Okinawa / Ishigaki Island] Parasailing Middle 150m Rope << Big Flight >>の紹介画像
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[Okinawa / Ishigaki Island] Parasailing Middle 150m Rope << Big Flight >>

Etc. included in the price
  • Beginners welcome - First try
  • Solo participant
  • Children welcome
  • Possible number of bookings
  • Participating age
    4Age ~ 70 Age
  • Duration
    1~2 hours
Plan description

★ If you want to try a little higher, use a 150m rope! From children to the elderly, we will teach you carefully even for the first time. 5 flights a day, maximum travel time 1.5 hours. If you have a little free time, go to the sky at your favorite time! Marine blue seen from the sky is exceptional. A parasail that even beginners and children can easily fly if they are 120 cm tall. Everyday wear is OK! A casual course that can be used effectively before and after the flight in your spare time! !! [Countermeasures against new coronavirus infection] In addition to the guidelines for Ishigaki City and diving businesses, we have taken more thorough measures to prevent new coronavirus infection and are operating. -Flow of the day- (1) Move to the parasail point departing from the port-Flight preparation 30 minutes (2) Parasailing aerial walk-Return to the port 60 minutes

A 5-minute walk from the remote island terminal, departing from the port in the center of Ishigaki Island

It is close to the remote island terminal, and you can participate even from remote islands ♪ You can also go to remote islands such as Taketomi Island and Iriomote Island after parasailing! !! If you let us know the ferry time, we will let you know when you can join the tour. The departure place is the center of the city of Ishigaki Island. Shopping, dining, all access is good ♪ Let's spend a full day and play Yaeyama! !!

Participation in everyday wear is OK! It's okay to go straight from the airport or before the flight!

You can participate in casual clothes as you fly from the ship and return to the ship. You can go to play after the tour without a shower! !!

You can shoot with your own camera

If you bring your smartphone and camera, the staff will cooperate in shooting from the ship. If you lift it up to the sky and take a selfie, please take measures to prevent it from falling.

About fees

Basic fee

※The list price includes tax.
※The above price is a basic fee.
※Fees may vary depending on schedule, please check the fee displayed after selecting the date.

Payment methods
  • Online payment
Display of the Specified Commercial Transactions Act Display of the Specified Commercial Transactions Act
Reservation cancellation fee generation date Cancellation fee will be charged from 1 days before the event date.
About cancellation Please note that the following cancellation fee will be charged if canceled due to customer's convenience. Cancellation the day before: 50% Cancellation on the day: 100% Cancellation without permission: 100% * No cancellation fee will be charged if the tour is canceled due to flight cancellation, typhoon, or deterioration of marine conditions.
About event termination It may be canceled due to bad weather on the day. In case of cancellation, we will notify you by phone. Please note. We will decide to cancel 1 hour before the tour, but due to changes in the weather, we may decide to cancel just before the departure time, so please be careful if you contact us from 1 hour before the meeting time. Please give me.

Detailed information of this plan

Required minimum number of participants 1 Person(s)
Possible number of bookings 1~12
About duration
1~2 hours
The actual flight time will be about 10 minutes.
Operating period Closed during the year-end and New Year holidays
Assembly time Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your reservation time.
Booking deadline until 11:59 the day before

Changing room Toilet
Shower Parking

Dress code - Must bring items Clothes: Easy-to-move everyday clothes (they can splash water, so you can handle them) You can take off your shoes on board, so anything is OK. What to bring: Face towel, adventurous spirit, sickness prevention (If you are worried about motion sickness, please take it before the tour.)
About rental items Life jackets and a set of equipment used during the experience will be provided at the shop. There is a sickness band.

Matters require attention If you are late, you may not be able to participate.・ If you are pregnant, have a serious illness, or have problems with your neck, back, or joints, we are sorry but you will not be able to participate.・ Children with a height of 120 cm or more are recommended for stability in the sky. Depending on the sea conditions, even children over 120 cm may be judged not to participate on board for safety reasons.・ If you drink alcohol before the tour, you will not be able to take it to the tour. (Including hangover)
Other notifications ・ After departure, participation may be refused at sea depending on your health and physical and mental condition. In that case, please note that there is no charge.・ Drinking on the day is strictly prohibited. Please note that you may be refused participation even if you have a hangover due to the alcohol on the previous day.・ If you are worried about seasickness, we recommend that you take motion sickness before the tour.

Plan attractions

プランの魅力  の画像

Tandem flight with dad! !! I'm going! !! It's a nice face! !!

プランの魅力  の画像

With Crown and a dear friend. With a little pounding 150m rope! I'm looking forward to talking in the sky! !!

プランの魅力  の画像

Hmmm. I'm back! !! I feel that the time in the sky is very long! !!

プランの魅力  の画像

Me, the sea and Ishigaki Island. Please take a lot of memories even in the sky! !! From the bottom, the staff will help you shoot! !!

プランの魅力  の画像

Memories with friends! !! Laugh a lot and get a little nervous! !! Please enjoy Ishigaki Island with plenty of sea and sky! !!

プランの魅力  の画像

welcome back. Arrived soon. Slowly and slowly until the end.

Access - Map

1-chome, Yashima-cho, Ishigaki-shi, Okinawa
Assembly point

In front of Yashima No. 2 Parking Lot Under the blue tent by the sea

If you arrive by car

It is easy to understand if you can aim for "Apa Hotel Ishigakijima" near "Yashima No. 2 Parking Lot" where you can park in the navigation search. Please park your car at "Yashima No. 2 Parking Lot" in front of Apa Hotel. Number of parking lots: 30 Yashima No. 2 parking lot (100 yen per hour) Large bus: Not possible

If you arrive by other means of transportation

From the remote island terminal, 5 minutes by the sea, pass in front of Hotel East China Sea, 70 m ahead. It will be a local gathering.

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Selling points regarding safety

Thanks to you, we have been holding a tour without any accidents for 13 years since it opened on Ishigaki Island. Safety is our top priority for activities in the sea and sky, where conditions change every hour. On top of that, all the staff are trying to make you feel at ease and enjoy participating in the activity. We hold tours with a high awareness of safety measures in advance and responses according to the situation. [Parasailing] When you go up in the sky, you cannot adjust the balance, harness, etc. from here, so we will make careful preparations in advance. ★ Check guest condition ★ Careful briefing on board ★ Quick change of wind strength, harness and sail depending on guest size ★ Contact with guest by common sign when going up in the sky (in the sky) (Sign exchange etc. when there is anxiety) ★ Quickly change the point of the time depending on the condition of the sea and wind ★ Judgment of cancellation of the flight at sea for safety [Snorkeling, experience diving] Prioritize individual paces above all It is held in. ★ Careful briefing including how to use equipment and check physical condition ★ Small number of people ★ Limited number of guests for one instructor ★ Instructor physical condition management, update of safety measures technology ★ Point change depending on sea conditions, decision to cancel

Authorization issued by Okinawa Prefectural Public Safety Commission, Marine Leisure Business Notification
Insurance information Daido Fire and Marine Insurance Liability 30,000,000 yen per person 360,000,000 yen per accident Rescue costs 300,000 yen per person 3,600,000 yen per accident
License and Qualifications PADI Diving Instructor, Diver, Small Vessel Class 1 Experience 17 years
Member organizations and associations PADI member store
Number of staff 6
Number of instructors 4

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