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A classic of Kanazawa sightseeing! 3 Recommended Kimono Rental Plans for the Latest Version of 2020!

Find out if it is written roughly as Kaga Hyakumangoku (or is Hyakumangoku) and of commonplace for Kanazawa, but simply because it may not have been described in detail about the meaning Explanations and I am allowed to, have served to Nobunaga Oda Toshi Maeda later served Hideyoshi Toyotomi and was given Kaga (now around Ishikawa) and Koshi (now around Toyama) for 14 generations. The Maeda family ruled almost all of the land in Noto Peninsula, so it seems to be often Explanations as a historical city of Kaga Hyakumangoku. Kanazawa is a castle town of the Kaga clan, and the place where Kanazawa Castle was originally built is now "Kanazawa Castle Park".


3 tours to enjoy Iriomote Island! Let's enjoy the tropical jungle with sightseeing and Activity ♪

In Iriomote Island, sub-tropical primeval forests account for more 90% of the island's total area. The tropical jungle-specific mangrove forests cover the island, and its reputation as a "secret island" is high. The standard Activity at Iriomote Island is a nature tour where you can enjoy the great outdoors. Tourists enjoy exploring the mangrove forests on pleasure boats and canoes, and trekking to Pinaisara Falls, the largest waterfall in Okinawa a height of 55 meters. As you progress through the mangroves, you can see unusual sensations as you can see the subtropical flora and fauna up close. Rare animals such as Iriomote cats also live there, and the atmosphere that is different from Okinawa main island and other remote islands is very attractive. In addition, from the top of the waterfall trekking through the mountains, you can overlook the wide sea with coral reefs.


Thorough introduction of Kouri Island, a hideaway marine spot on the main island of Okinawa!

"Kouri Island" is a small remote island belonging to Nakijin Village in the northern part of Okinawa Main Island. The island is famous for its famous tourist attraction, Churaumi Aquarium nearby. Surrounded by emerald green sea, it is accessible by car due to the bridge. The most attractive thing is the view from this bridge. Kouri Ohashi, a bridge between Nago City's Yagaji Island and Kouri Island, has a highly transparent sea that locals recognize.


3 popular Kansai fishing boats! Aim for big game at recommended fishing spot! !

Speaking of the Kansai sea, it is the Seto Inland Sea, but if you are aiming for a big game, I thought that a place facing the Pacific Ocean is good, so I focused on the port town of Wakayama prefecture, Susami town. This town is a port city facing the Pacific Ocean, and the coastline is a ria coast suitable for making fishing ports. It seems to be. In particular, bonito are branded as "Susami Ken Ken bonito", lobster also Japan, such as there is that it was the first place, Japan boasts one of the largest landings.


Kore if you Book Now pottery experience in Kansai! 3 Recommended Experience Classes and Workshops!

Ceramics has been performed in Japan for a long time and has a very long history of production. Since the characteristics and features differ depending on the production area, you can learn different ways to make it in each workshop at Japan workshops and pottery classes. Although the detailed process differs depending on the type, the main production process of pottery is roughly divided into two. "Molding" is the process of kneading clay to shape it, and "painting" is the process of drawing patterns on vessels and objects.


Outdoor leisure in Tokyo! Introducing recommended Activity experience tours in Tokyo!

Activity that can be enjoyed in Tokyo are not only indoors. Of course, there are contents that you can fully enjoy outdoors. Eastern Kyoto shalt despise to say with nature. "I noted in the previous Blog Okutama " is a magnificent natural, east Kyoto has spread views of enough to forget that you are in. At Okutama, the headwaters of the Tama River, river Activity such as canyoning and Rafting are thriving. In addition, Mikurajima and Ogasawara also east remote islands such as the islands Kyoto will be included in the. Therefore, you can enjoy marine sports such as Diving and canoeing in the beautiful sea and popular contents such as Dolphin watching and Whale watching.


3 select fishing boat plans to enjoy tropical fishing in Okinawa!

What kind of fish can you catch? If you look at the fish that can be caught in the waters near Japan, typical fish you can aim for in the rocks are super-large fish such as Ishidai and Que. The elegance that swims in the middle tier, such as medina (gure), black porgy (chinu), shimaji, hiramasa and isaki. In addition, it seems to be wide to fish in low-rise such as pufferfish, scorpionfish, sea slug, flounder. It seems that you can catch flounder, flounder, kiss, Kochi, Ishimochi, Ainame, Suzuki etc. on the sand bottom when fishing from the sandy beach, so what happens in Okinawa? Red to image, blue, but is a colorful tropical fish such as yellow, fish that aim at Iso the southern black sea bream (Chin =Okinawa name, less the same), Gomaaigo (Kae), Obibudai (Irabucha), Kanmonhata (Ishimibai), There are Takasago (Gurukun), Hamafuefuki (Taman), Harisembong (Abassa) and Aoriika.


Eastern Kyoto Poseratsu making classroom plan 3 election can experience in!

Porcelain is also called "porcelain art". It is a coined word that combines porcelain and pottery (porcelain) with art (art). It is a handmade craft that draws patterns by sticking special stickers or painting with paint on white porcelain such as tea cups and plates. "Porcelarts" is a coined word, registered as a trademark by Vogue Japan Inc., a long-established company with a founding of 60 Year, which develops knitting and handmade businesses. So strictly speaking, the name "Poserrats" is used in the classroom of those who have learned the Japanese language vogue Poserrat curriculum.


3 selected Obtain Diving Certification School Tokyo! What is the license type and training price?

C card is the abbreviation of Certification Card, which means "certificate" It seems that this C card is different from a national qualification like a license and it is a certificate issued by a private organization and if you have it you can not dive anywhere. Moreover, depending on the thing, you can use it only in the shop there, you can use it only in the country, you can use it in the world, so I want to be careful in advance, if you get a qualification anyway, a card that can dive in the sea of the world It is better to get it, even if you have this C card, basically Rental a cylinder (cylinder) and weight (weight) at Diving shops etc around the world (necessary if you have purchased equipment, of course You will have to swim in the designated waters with your instructor and guide.


Pick up a Bread making class around the Keio Line Sasazuka! You will be able to burn bread at home.

In recent years, many home appliances that can easily bake bread at home have been sold, and they seem to be popular among housewives because of their simplicity. It seems to be a popular secret to bake your favorite freshly baked bread such as bread from general flour to bread using gluten-free rice flour. Certainly, for breakfast, the tension may rise if freshly baked bread comes to the table with fried eggs and bacon. Like a hotel


What is the " Escape game ", a Leisure of Attention in 2020? Eastern Kyoto large investigate the popular facilities in!

First of all, what is an " Escape game "? The survey started from a basic place. Escape game is a real action adventure game that aims to “escape from a closed space” that is installed indoors like a character as you read it. Thrilling to solve various difficult problems set by title and theme for each team and clear the course We seem to be able to enjoy brainstorm. It seems that it is called "escape game" in English reading.

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