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There are many spots of fun in Kyushu district. From JR Hakata station in Fukuoka prefecture to Kagoshima central station can be accessed in as short as 1 hour 16 minutes so you can enjoy sightseeing of each land fully while driving. Kagoshima prefecture has Ibusuki Onsen which can take a day trip at 500 yen. If you have the chance to go, please try experiencing the sandpaper of the specialty. In addition, this area has many unique hot springs and I am looking forward to staying at hotels and inns. Each area has its own characteristics, and Miyazaki Prefecture is popular as a place to go out during the summer vacation, with sightseeing spots scattered for both adults and children. There are also sea sports and horseback riding which can participate from elementary school students and over, so please check with the official website or e-mail or phone when making a reservation. Let's enjoy gourmet in the mountains in Beppu called Oita prefecture, Japan's largest hot spring town. In Kumamoto prefecture under reconstruction, there are many recommended tourist destinations, Amakusa dolphin watching is especially famous, and fans from all over the country gather. Speaking of Nagasaki Prefecture, Hastenbos of the theme park is a classic one, and in the neighborhood there is Kujuku Island of the scenic spot of sunset. Saga prefecture is highly evaluated in international tourism, and the meals of fresh seafood in Karatsu and Yobuko are popular. In Fukuoka Prefecture, exhibition corner of Kyushu National Museum and marine world of aquarium are popular. Also, do not miss event information, as it is a citizenship favorite for festivals. Thus, Kyushu has many spots to enjoy with friends, family and couples. By all means, please find a spot that suits your purpose.


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