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Speaking of Oita sightseeing spots, hot springs such as Beppu and Yufuin tend to be close up, but attractive leisure facilities are also in this area. There is "Kyushu Nature Zoo African Safari" which lets you 1000 animals of wild animals in Minamihata, Usa City Azuin Town, and Fujiwara County Hiji-machi Fujiwara has a theme park "Sanrio Character's theme park" Harmony Land " Yes. In addition, Oita-shi includes "Oita Marine Palace Aquarium Umami Tamago" which can be brought into close contact with sea creatures, including feeding, dolphin show and red sea bream, "Takasakiyama Nature Park" located in Kanzaki, Beppu City , "Jojima Takahara park" which has a dragon coaster and a three-dimensional huge maze, "Historic castle town Usuki city," Yoshiharu Land "named after Tanchi Yoshi 46 (Kiichiyomu). In addition to tours that allow you to take a boat from the harbor and experience sea fishing at the catch point, you can experience a thrilling "canyoning" thrilling in the Fujikawauchi Valley in Saeki City, Kuwahara River Upper Flow while sliding through the natural Waitar slider We also recommend participating in the tour. For details and reservation information such as business hours and participation conditions please visit the website and confirm. Why do not you go and visit Oita for family trips and outings.


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