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Speaking of tourist attractions in Oita, hot springs, such as Beppu and Yufuin, but is likely to be close-up, attractive leisure facilities are located in this area. The Usa Ajimu-cho, Minamihata, presents "Kyushu Zoo African Safari" we have free-range wild animal 1000 head, the Fujiwara Hayami District Hiji, of Sanrio characters love children theme park "Harmony Land" is Yes you. Besides, in Oita, including spear bait such as the dolphin show and sea bream that Fureae with creatures and a short distance of the sea are in the "Oita Marine Palace Aquarium Sea egg" and Kanzaki "Takasakiyama Natural Park", in Beppu City , there is a dragon coaster and three-dimensional giant maze "Kijima Kogen Park", in the historic castle town Usuki, named after the Gil forty-six (Kitchomu) 's Tonchi "Gil forty-six land". In addition, other tours where you can experience the sea fishing in the catch point ride to the ship from the harbor, Saiki, in Fujigochi valley Kuwahara upstream flow, it is thrilling to advance while sliding the natural water over slider "canyoning" experience tour participation is also recommended. Please check to access the website for details and reservation information, such as opening hours and participation conditions. To family travel and go out, why not go to visit to Oita.

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