Canyon rafting in Japan

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Boundary of canyoning and shower climbing is ambiguous. In general, canyoning in France is at the origin of River sport in Europe has been popular since ancient times. Original Canyoning is, dive into the advanced falling techniques, such as rappelling and rope work, but is done by using a swimming technique, referred to as "canyoning" also Sawa play that do not incorporate such a special element. In addition, the shower climbing, as the climbing of the name in Japan birthplace of the sport, here is the River sport to enjoy the climb. There is also sometimes referred to as "sawanobori," but fine difference seems to be. In this way, although each originated and original purpose different, has been popular as almost the same sport in the domestic leisure. Since it or there is also tour the uplink nor enjoy down, bound by the original meaning Warez, playing with the river, you may want to understand the water and play outdoor sports. As described above, the boundary of the canyoning and shower climbing is ambiguous, since only the name difficult to imagine the contents, for the Experience Tour, you may wish to review the contents.

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