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The boundary between canyoning and shower climbing is ambiguous. In general, canyoning is a river sports originated in France, and has long been popular in Europe for a long time. The original canyoning is carried out using swimming techniques, etc., by jumping into advanced descending techniques such as suspension descent and rope work, but also the crowding that does not incorporate such special elements is called "canyoning". Regarding shower climbing, as the name of climbing in sports originating in Japan, this is a river sport where you enjoy climbing. There are cases sometimes referred to as "climbing swamp", but there seem to be minor differences. In this way, although they originate and their original purpose is different, they are popular as sports which are almost the same in domestic leisure. Since there are tours that both enjoy uploading and descending, it is good to understand it as an outdoor sports that plays with the river and plays with water, not being captured in its original meaning. As mentioned earlier, the boundary between canyoning and shower climbing is ambiguous, so it is difficult to imagine the content by name alone, so it is good to check the contents carefully about experience tours.