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It is a plan that you can experience mangrove canoe, famous for its activities in Kagoshima city and Amami Oshima area. Compared to other activities, mangrove canoeing is more stable in the use of canoes, so it is said that even inexperienced people and children over 3 years old, children can participate with peace of mind. The instructor gives guidance with safety consideration. Although reservation is usually made up to 3 days in advance, it is more safe to make a reservation with a little margin. On the day, if you bring clothes that you can get wet (easy-to-wear clothes), change clothes, sunscreen, hat, towel, simple kappa when rainy weather, etc., it is safe, but what more information You'd better look it in advance. Canoe is water play, so there is no guarantee that it will never get wet. Let's change clothes that is easy to move and may be slightly wet. Why do not you enjoy the free sensation floating on the water surface in the canoe and the comfort to feel nature on your skin?


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