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Is a plan that the famous activities in Kagoshima and Amami Oshima area can experience the mangrove canoe. Mangrove canoe, compared to other activities, because of the high stability of the canoe to be used, as long as one and 3 years of age or inexperience, is said to be able to participate safely in children. Trainer takes care of the guidance with consideration to safety. Reservation is up to most three days ago, it is safe is better to to make a reservation to see the little room. On the day, may be wet dress (easy to move clothes), change of clothes, sunscreen, hat, towel, but it is safe if we have such simple kappa of rainy weather, such as what you need to bring, detailed information is, you'll likely need to examine in advance. Since the canoe is playing in the water, there is no guarantee that not absolutely wet. Easy to move, let's dress may be a little wet. Why do not you taste the comfort you feel in a free feeling and natural skin floating on the surface of the water in the canoe?

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