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Located at the southern tip of Kyushu, Kagoshima has various sights such as nature rich Yakushima, volcanoes, Ibusuki hot springs. Although it is Yakushima which is not wide, it is naturally not wide Yakushima, but plentiful plants and scenic spots around the world, sightseeing spots such as a thousand years cedar, many places of interest, rich in water volume, 90% of the island is surrounded by rich waters. And it is one of the biggest Jomon cedars to represent Yakusugi no matter what. The tour going to see this Jomon cedar is also becoming the most popular activity on Yakushima. Moreover, you can experience sunbath in Ibusuki city where you have gone to Ibusuki Skyline from Kyushu Expressway Kagoshima Inter. It is close to Ibusuki station, and you can enjoy free footbaths unique to hot springs at the station. Please try and enjoy the mysterious feeling buried in the sand. Furthermore, Kagoshima aquarium located 15 minutes by bus from Kagoshima Central Station is recommended for children. There is also a dolphin port next door, and shopping and restaurants are enriched, too. Before the dolphin port, lawn like a large park is spread and it is also a viewpoint of the scenery where you can see Sakurajima in front of you. It is also nice that the parking lot is free for up to 30 minutes. Speaking of Kagoshima in the end, Saigo Takamori is famous. Saigo Park in Kirishima City has a bronze statue of Saigo Takamori, and information and materials on the souvenir corner and the Southwest War are gathered in the garden. Since there are many shrines in the Kirishima area, please drop in when you go nearby.