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[Kagoshima Sakurajima] equipment rental set included! Diving

  • Beginners welcome - First try
  • Pick-up & Drop-off
  • Solo participant
  • Children welcome
  • Possible number of bookings
  • Participating age
    10Age ~ 100 Age
  • Duration
    2~3 hours

I want to look in the sea, we are interested in diving. But ... swim is to not good, I wonder if can do yourself? Such a person is let's challenge to experience diving. Diving experience knowledge also okay with people absolutely no! There is a simple safety lecture for you do not need to receive special training. Since the instructor will properly assist, we will be able to experience the world of the sea in peace.

Why do not you step forward one step to the great sea of ​​the world?

"Even those who can not swim at all Diving Is it possible? "I receive the question," but I can do it from the conclusion! However, you should spend some time getting used to the water. So first we give a safety lecture on land, then the shallowest place underwater Practice breathing and so on. Then you will enter the sea, but please do not try to swim by yourself, and enjoy the encounter with the sea with ease just like having an instructor pull it.

Equipment rental set included! Feel free to easily experience diving!

Aqua Trip Experience Diving Well, wet suits and all the necessary equipment Rental It is included in the price. When participating, bring it with a bathing suit, clothes change and towel and go to the shop! Feel free to experience the sea Diving can. Experience Diving When you're done, please ask the instructor without hesitation, such as in the sea you saw for the first time, about fish, and questions. I will answer politely.

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    Detailed information of this plan

    Required minimum number of participants 1 Person(s)
    Possible number of bookings 1~8
    Operating period All year round
    Assembly time 7: 50
    (Kagoshima city center hotel, or will be free transfer to the JR Kagoshima Chuo Station. However, depending on where you may not be able to pick up. Please check in advance)
    Booking deadline until 23:59 3 das ago

    Changing room Toilet
    Shower Parking

    Dress code - Must bring items Belongings ... Usually towels, bath towels, swimwear, bath set
    - From the beginning, please keep in swimsuit wearing in.
    Glasses who use, please tell me in advance. Prepare the prescription of the mask.
    - The direction of the contact lenses, OK while wearing.
    , Car sickness, seasickness easy person. We recommend taking the "motion sickness prophylactic agent".
    About rental items underwater Light: 1500 yen

    Matters require attention *Application date On the day Please note that the experience of banning airplanes is prohibited because of the risk of decompression sickness.
    Other notifications - It is basically a beach diving. Snorkeling also enjoy freely.
    - In order to fun diving, who is easy to car sickness I will recommend taking pre-preventive agent.

    Plan attractions

    プランの魅力 Welcome to the world in the sea! の画像

    Welcome to the world in the sea!

    プランの魅力 The best fun of diving is to interact with the fish の画像

    The best fun of diving is to interact with the fish

    プランの魅力 Experience diving is OK from children over 10 years old の画像

    Experience diving is OK from children over 10 years old

    プランの魅力 You can experience diving even in the beautiful Hirasaki sea の画像

    You can experience diving even in the beautiful Hirasaki sea

    プランの魅力 Fish playing on coral reefs and sea anemones の画像

    Fish playing on coral reefs and sea anemones

    プランの魅力 Rest assured that the instructor is with you の画像

    Rest assured that the instructor is with you

    プランの魅力 Please come and enjoy this sea world once の画像

    Please come and enjoy this sea world once

    Access - Map

    20-9 Uearatacho, Kagoshima City, Kagoshima Prefecture
    Assembly point

    Aqua trip diving shop before

    If you arrive by car

    ・ From Fukuoka to Kumamoto Get off the Kagoshima Interchange on the Kyushu Expressway and go through the Takeoka Tunnel to reach the shop in a few minutes.

    If you arrive by train

    - From JR Kagoshima Chuo Station, walk 10 minutes, is 2 to 3 minutes by car.

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    Q&A about this plan

    Q. Hello, I want to inquire about the plan details which we target to book the dat on 14 Sep 2019 (Sat). There are 3 of us would like to join the tour (with open water license), would like to know how many tanks included in the package? Will a tour guide arrange? Also for the ferry, how to calculate for 3 of us? Thank you and look forward to hearing from you soon.

    A. Hello! Do you have a license of diving? Then, it'll be FUN diving. I go to 8:00 to receive into a hotel by 2DIVE, return to 17:00 and come for 1 day. A ferry charge isn't necessary. A tank is 1 in 1DIVE. 2 of 2DIVE uses it.

    Q. 4000 for ferry is per person? So that cost per person is 14800?

    A. When 1 guest is taken and a ferry is used, the round trip charge is \3560. Every time 1 guest increases, plus, \360.

    Q. ferry cost is excluded. How much is that? . What's the itinerary? How long is the diving and snorkeling?

    A. Experience diving is 30 minutes, and snorkeling is the required time of 2 hours, but when time to do a lecture and time between their way and the meal are included, please empty for 1 day. Only when conducting it in Sakurajima, it ends in 15:00. It'll be ferry charge about 4000 need of a round trip

    Q. Am thinking of joining this activity end of march but seems like the weather is still cold. Is it possible to dive?

    A. Hello!
    Inquire and thank you very much.

    It's still cold for the end of March in a sea for certain.
    So I put on the dry suit which can be evaded in a sea while having got dressed and dive. A hood is put on in mind.

    So it's only a head and a hand to get wet. I don't get wet, so the body isn't cold.

    アクアトリップダイビング(AQUA TRIP DIVING)
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