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Hokkaido has a strong image of winter activities such as skiing and snowboarding. However, in fact it is as good as winter, and we have plenty of summer activities. Now, we will deliver popular activities, play · experienced sightseeing · leisure information that is being held in Hokkaido! Currently, among the activities held in Hokkaido, outdoor representatives of Niseko! Refreshing rafting is an outdoor activity you would like us to experience once. As a guide with extensive experience accompanies, beginners can enjoy it safely. As for the necessary supplies for activities, you can rent and use what is mostly in the facility, so please use it as necessary. Of course, we do not have special qualifications for participation, so anyone can participate! The fee you are interested in is 5,400 yen per adult, and the required time is 3-4 hours. We accept reservations from one person. There are also plans that photographers accompany. You can take pictures taken after the tour and buy them if you like them. Please contact each tour company directly for the purpose, contents and menu of the activity.


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