Things to do in Hokkaido

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Such as skiing and snowboarding, winter activities image is strong Hokkaido. But in fact, no less in the winter, it also packed with summer activities. Now, it will deliver the popular activities, Fun and hands-on tourism and leisure information that has been implemented in Hokkaido! Currently, among the activities that are held in Hokkaido, outdoor representing the Niseko! Exhilarating rafting, once I want outdoor activities to experience. So will accompany the guide with a wealth of experience, you can also enjoy safe for beginners. Supplies required in activity, I can use rent what is most on site, please use if necessary. Of course, it does not have any special qualifications, Anyone can join! Fee to be worried about, at 5,400 yen per person adult, the required time is 3 to 4 hours. We accept your reservation from one person. It should be noted, also plans photographer to accompany. The captured photos, take a look after the tour ends, you can purchase If you like. The purpose of the activity, the details of the content and menus, please contact us directly to each tour company.

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