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Tilt the body back and forth, forward and stop by moving the body weight, can be adjusted, such as speed, can change of direction is tilted in the direction you want to go the handle, mysterious standing ride two-wheeled vehicle of American-born. In 2001, when the first-generation machine will be released, such as the government called the topic, in 2006 the second generation machine birth, it has been released in Japan. Second-generation machine from the rotation operation by a conventional steering wheel grip, method of operation to "LeanSteer" mechanism for rotating is changed by tilting the rod-shaped steering extending from the feet to the left and right. Operability by the improvement was significantly improved. Features of the Segway, the environmental load because it is the electric power is low, it can about 40km thing running in a more of the order of 10 to 20 yen charge. Excellent running and stopping ability, turning radius that allows safe operation among many pedestrian for zero. Can feel the joy of moving more than anything else, it is a vehicle very suitable for the new era.