Things to do in Ibaraki

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Ibaraki (Ibaraki) Speaking of the prefecture, JAXA (Tsukuba Space Center) located in Tsukuba City, which is the same center of the world and Hitachi Seaside Park and Aqua World Oarai ? NASA in the Hitachinaka City, Tsukuba, Kasama City of Azalea Park such as it is a popular tourist spot in the Kanto area. Famous natto other food is made with Mito. Also has a variety of attractions and events will be held in Ibaraki, north of Hokkaido and Tohoku, dragon large suspension bridge in the south is surrounded by beautiful scenery and speaking about such activities, which say that some people visit from Shikoku and Kyushu and Okinawa bungee jump from! Besides there is also a motor paragliding experience that can fly in the sky along with the instructor. The required time also becomes much happy hour for the first time of a person, why not been used for a holiday try the all means, book are also year-round recruiting? But please try to check in when detailed information such as retrieved.

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