Things to do in Ibaraki 81Results / 高い順

Speaking of Ibaraki prefecture, JAXA (Tsukuba Space Center), Mt. Tsukuba in the Tsukuba city, which is the center of the world as well as the state-owned Hitachi Beach Park in Hitachinaka City and Aqua World Oarai · NASA, Azalea Park in Kasama City Are popular as tourist attractions in the Kanto area. Natto famous for other foods is also made in Mito city. In addition, various sightseeing spots and events are being held in Ibaraki, the activity is about Hokkaido and Tohoku in the north and those visiting from Shikoku, Kyushu and Okinawa in the south are the dragon giant suspension bridges surrounded by beautiful scenery Bungee jumping from! There are also other motor paraglider experiences that you can fly with the instructor in the sky. It takes about 1 hour for nice people for the first time, so recruitment year-round is also being offered, so why do not you make a reservation and use it on a holiday? Please check the detailed information etc when you search.


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