Survival game in Japan

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"Survival game" is the exchange blows game using the soft air gun. For short it has been also referred to as "Sabage". Was substituted for the paint ball game that was prevalent in the United States in the soft air gun is the beginning, is born game in Japan. Players who were divided into two teams performs the attack each other in the battle area (field), is the mainstream prisoner's base game of how to play to stay in the flag of the opponent territory. There is no formal rules, but generally 15 minutes to about 20 minutes time limit. The player hit by a bullet in the self-reported (hit call), and then sent off to the outside of the field. Or take away the opponent's flag within the time limit, it is the end of the game if the annihilation and everyone is hit. Using a high-performance soft air gun, where the fight to suit the team force, such as individual skills and the strategies and tactics of such good of the shooting is a big appeal of this game.

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