Things to do in Saitama

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Speaking of Saitama Prefecture, may be traffic access from the city center, the most in Japan, is the prefecture of the day is often sunny. Such is the Saitama Prefecture, which is blessed with the weather, one of the largest parks and tourist attractions, leisure, has an amusement spot, we recommend areas to go out of the day with family. You can see the precious white tiger, including the "Tobu Zoo", 80 kinds of "Saitama Aquarium" that freshwater fish are on display, the other such as "Aqua Paradise Patio" with the largest indoor resort pool North Kanto, Saitama the city can use facilities such as the "railway Museum" with the scale of Japan's largest. Also, is blessed with natural, Chichibu, in Nagatoro (Nagatoro), kayaking and rafting in the rich nature, SUP, paragliding, other to experience the sports such as mountain biking, also rainbow trout and char of mountain stream fishing you can enjoy. In addition, in Koshigaya, there is also such as a school that aims to courses and master climbing to be able to experience the outdoor climbing to climb the natural rock. Guests can also enjoy hot air balloon experience in Kasukabe. Please check each plan in the introduction participation conditions and reservations.

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