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Zip line is the adventure activity that slide down through the air in the forest along the wire rope and pulley. Birthplace is said to France, the United States, Canada, in recent years there is a popular, such as Australia, now to be able to experience in Japan. Is not something quite able to experience in their daily lives speedy trotting through the nature. Also in sliding down, even while enjoying the thrill, the superb view that extends in front of the eye is sure to be deprived of their eyes.



My mother 's family, I am just 50 years old, but my athletics have been around long ago, since the middle 2. I also experienced if I became the memories of my 3rd son. With a sense of anxiety, I was worried, but a very small girl crying, with the family cooperating and going forward, a warm encouragement of the staff from the bottom, a grandpa and a grandchild together looking & seeing such a beautiful sight Motivation comes out, it is not a case that I am also feverish! It was encouraging. Everyone in the staff was all nice and my son seemed satisfied. Today I got inspiration from other families and I enjoyed it.