Caving in Japan

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Caving (caving) is, as its name suggests, is an activity that the passage and lighting as tourist destination to explore the cave that has not been developed. Not well known in Japan, but it is outdoor sports are popular as already major experience in foreign countries. The attractive are so many cave Japan, north Tohoku area, south to Okinawa, because there is caving spot in various locations across the country, in fact, can be a challenge surprisingly feel free to! In this case, so we will many to introduce the dark tour of the contents of Caving professional guide who knows the cave us to guide the way of enjoying Caving, please refer to the time of the reservation. Caving experience tour, corresponding to any risk prediction, to the safety has been Administration Guide, it has become a small number of people system. The cave of darkness to rely on the lights of the headlight, underground exploration to proceed while becoming a narrow tunnel in the muddy, is a pounding step into a whole foot in an unknown world, the excitement you do not know what the organism is waiting for full ( by the way, inside caves, since it has many developed secondary products, please look and observe with care the state of the surroundings!). Limestone exploration of the cave, which was Deki been eroded by rainwater and groundwater, such as rock climbing in the shower climbing and Oiwa in the cave, you can be a valuable experience that never that can not be experience in daily life. In terms of the caving is, (because Caving suit is a tie, up and down has led) suit for Caving, helmet, head lights, head lamps, will be gloves, etc. need shoes. Basically, because me to the store ready (rental), let's equipment according to the instructions of the store. Tour price of the market is 10,000 yen to 30,000 yen (insurance charge), can participate from but 4-year-old different age can participate depending on the course (typically, Caving tour, in the case of minors, accompanied by an adult) is. There is also the case where there is no changing room to the meeting place, such as a change of clothes to dress (inner wear existence) or bring, please check in advance. While becoming the whole body mud, please enjoy the underground exploration.

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