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Caving (caving), as its name suggests, is an activity to explore caverns where passages and lighting are not maintained like tourist sites. It is not well known in Japan, but overseas is an outdoor sports that has gained popularity as a major experience already. Since there are caving spots in various places throughout the country, there are so many attractive caves in Japan, the northern Tohoku area, the south up to Okinawa, so in fact it is possible to challenge unexpectedly and casually! Here, we will introduce a lot of heavy tours of contents that guide caving by the caving special guide which knows about the cave, so please refer to when making a reservation. A camping experience tour is a small group system in order to guide safety-controlled guides corresponding to all risk predictions. Depending on the light in the dark cabin with the light of the headlights, exploring the ground while traveling with muddy narrow tunnels is packed with excitement that makes you enter a completely unknown world and a sense of excitement that you do not know what creatures are waiting for you ( By the way, since secondary products are also developed in the limestone cave, observe the surroundings carefully and watch them!). You can have valuable experiences that you can never experience in everyday life, such as exploring limestone rocks corroded by rainwater and underground water, shower climbing in caves and rock climbing in Oiwa. In caving exploration, caving suits (caving suits are connected, so upper and lower are connected, so helmets, headlights, headlamps, gloves, shoes etc are required. Basically, the store is preparing (renting), so let's follow the instructions of the store. The price of the tour fee is 10,000 yen to 30,000 yen (insurance premium included), although the age to be able to participate depends on the course, it is possible to participate from the age of 4 (generally, caving tour is accompanied by parents in the case of a minor) is. Since there are cases where changing rooms do not exist in the meeting place, please check in advance, such as clothes (wearing inner wear) and clothes to bring. Please enjoy the underground exploration while becoming whole body mud.