Things to do in Tokyo

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Activities in the Kanto area is rich in, Tokyo is the top class in Japan in its kind. Downtown SUP (stand up paddle boat) walk, exciting to rafting, canyoning, swim in a river spree such as shower climbing in Okutama. In addition to being able to Caving in the Cave, Umiasobi of course enhanced. Diving, canoeing, dolphin watching in the Mikurajima, you can enjoy up to whale watching in the Ogasawara Islands. \ N The variety of manufacturing experience in the inner city can be enjoyed at the station near. \ N pottery, like the recent popularity glasswork and Herbarium, further Udon, Soba, food making experience, such as sweets making, food samples making, such as the stained glass making, manufacturing experience classroom There are quite a lot. Other, tea ceremony, Zen meditation, archery, Edo yoga classes from traditional cultural experience, such as Kiriko, spots and events to enjoy a wide range of genres of activity to VR experience has been held regardless of weekday holiday. Because such as manufacturing experience basically the indoor experience facilities, you can enjoy the play with confidence, even the day of the emergency rain. \ In n children and family together, or even good enjoy hands-on facility on a date a couple, good also to make a new hobby alone, to be good to play in the organization to invite many friends. Not only Japanese, the activity is very popular among foreigners, is rich in variety of how to play, such as guided tours of the houseboat and sushi is served. \ N2020_nenwaorinpikkudesaranimoriagaruTokyo. To experience a lot of activity, but please make a lot of memories!

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