Ceramics Experience ・ Ceramics class in Japan


Ceramic art experience There are many different types, cups and mugs, then you can picture with the items that can be for everyday use, such as a piggy bank, chopstick rest and photos fresh, Hanasara, tile, you can choose a variety of materials such as clay dish. Also it is easy for beginners to children because it is also recommended for a family holiday. Pottery experience Kyoto if Kansai, Tochigi if Kanto You can experience the traditional crafts. For example, Zuiko kiln near Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto has a history of 300 years. The Tochigi There are Azuma kiln of Nasu, you can challenge to Mashiko. Other than Bizen, Seto, and the area that can traditional cultural experience, such as Tokoname, Tokyo, Fukuoka, Gifu, Saga, Fukui, Shiga, is popular, such as Kanagawa. I would like to a building that memorable summer vacation for children, is also recommended when called.

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