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[Weekly] Popular activity plan ranking

Announcing the latest reservation popularity ranking for activities, leisure, experiences and play! You can find "Japanese play" that is perfect for this season, such as marine sports, outdoor leisure, manufacturing experiences, and Japanese culture experiences! Please use it in various scenes such as outings for families with children (parents and children), dates for couples, experience programs for student trips and school trips!


Tokyo Japanese sweets making experience│5 recommended plans! Prices, word of mouth experiences, reputation, popular shop information!

On this page, we have a special feature on "Wagashi making experience" in Tokyo, introducing "recommended experience plan" and "popular shop / class information" in detail. Shinjuku, Asakusa, Setagaya, Chofu, etc...Let's learn while enjoying the essence of "Japanese food culture", which is attracting attention from all over the world, by experiencing the "Japanese sweets making experience" that is made with reliable techniques inherited from ancient traditions.


How to enjoy a camping date? Tips and tricks for success

This time we will feature camping dates. Camping is an activity where you can experience extraordinary things in nature. If you know the tricks of a camping date, the distance between the two should be shortened. In this article, we will introduce tips and points to be aware of to enjoy and succeed on a camping date.


[Okinawa Kokusai Street] Sightseeing Spots, Gourmet, Souvenir Guide

I will explain Kokusai Street in Naha, Okinawa. In addition to gourmet and souvenir spots that you can enjoy on Kokusai Street, we will introduce plans that allow you to experience sightseeing spots and activities that you can enjoy in the surrounding area. If you are thinking about traveling to Okinawa or are wondering where to go sightseeing, please use this as a reference.


Introducing the cost of traveling to Ishigaki Island, recommended times and cheap plans!

Special feature on the approximate cost of traveling to Ishigaki Island, recommended times, etc. Ishigaki Island has different attractions in spring, summer, autumn and winter, and is an island that can be enjoyed all year round. This time, we will introduce activities suitable for each season on Ishigaki Island, as well as cheap plans during campaigns and discounts!


Where are the recommended mangrove canoes and kayaks in Okinawa? Thorough introduction of tour venues and popular rankings!

A special feature on mangrove canoeing and kayaking experience tours on the main island of Okinawa (Yanbaru, Gesashi River, etc.) and remote islands (Nakama River, etc.)! Thorough introduction of information such as "Where do you recommend mangrove canoeing and kayaking in Okinawa?" and "Where can you see mangroves in Okinawa?" Let's check information useful for booking Okinawa mangrove canoe / kayak experience tours, such as suitable clothes, target age, fees (price), reviews and word of mouth.


Recommended day trips and scenic spots for couples in Kanto

We will feature scenic spots recommended for couples in the Kanto area, where you can make a day trip. We also explain photogenic sightseeing spots that look good on SNS and plans for activities that can be enjoyed around them. Please use it as a reference for planning a small weekend trip for couples.


[Amami Oshima Activity, experience leisure, play] Enjoy from children to adults! Experience tour plan reservation popularity ranking & recommended shop information

A close-up on the activities, experience leisure, and play of "Amami Oshima", a remote island in Kagoshima Prefecture, a tropical resort island where travel popularity continues to rise. We will thoroughly introduce the reservation popularity ranking and recommended shop information for popular outdoor activity experience tour plans such as "canoe / kayak" where you can enjoy the mangrove primeval forest and "snorkeling" where you can enjoy the Amami blue sea.


Gunma Minakami (Water) Rafting experience tour popularity ranking & recommended shop information

A special feature on "Minakami (Water) Rafting" held in the upper reaches of the Tone River in Gunma Prefecture! Thoroughly introduce useful information for making reservations, such as experience tour popularity rankings, recommended shops, when the tours are held, and what ages are eligible for participation. Enjoy one of the Kanto region's best torrent rafting experiences along with barbecue (BBQ) and canyoning.


Chichibu/Nagatoro Rafting Experience Tour Popularity Ranking & Recommended Shop Information

A special feature on Chichibu and Nagatoro rafting experience tours in Saitama Prefecture, where the season starts in March and April every year! Introducing useful information for booking Chichibu Nagatoro rafting experience tours, such as popular rankings, recommended shops, age restrictions, duration, clothing, items to bring, and number of guests. Let's enjoy the great nature of Chichibu and Nagatoro on a rafting experience tour that is exhilarating, along with barbecue (BBQ) and hot spring bathing.

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