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Wakayama Play | Experience Wakayama's seasonal activities, fruit hunting, camping, and hot springs!

Wakayama Prefecture, which is long from north to south, is blessed with the great outdoors of the sea, rivers, mountains, and sky, and is full of the real pleasures of traveling, such as hot springs, experiences, and gourmet food! If you enjoy Kumano Kodo and cycling, spring and autumn are the best. Summer is recommended if you want to try activities on the sea or river. Enjoy the summer at the Nachi Fire Festival, one of Japan's three major fire festivals, and the fireworks display. If you are looking for hot springs and gourmet food, winter is ◎. There are many hot springs that flow directly from the source, and the hermit bath that is built by damming the river is a winter tradition. It is also this season that the phantom fish que dishes are delicious. Here, we will introduce the basic knowledge of Wakayama and the standard sightseeing spots and information that are OK if you hold down this much.


List of campsites in Wakayama

Introducing the camp facilities in Wakayama! Wakayama Prefecture, located on the Kii Peninsula, the largest peninsula in Japan, is popular in the "Kihoku" area, where the prefectural capital is located in Wakayama City, the "Kinan" area where the birthplace of soy sauce, Yuasa Town, and Ume no Sato are located, and pandas. It is divided into three areas, "Kinan", which is popular in Adventure World and Kumano Kodo.


Kanto day trip leisure recommended activity experience ranking

Introducing 16 activity tours that you can enjoy on a day trip from Kanto in the ranking. It's accessible from Kanto in about 2 hours, so it's recommended for couples' drive dates and families with children. Introducing hot spring areas that represent the Kanto region, sunlight, and activities and leisure activities that you can experience. We will also introduce Hirizo Beach, an unexplored region of Minamiizu that everyone in the know knows.


[Ishigaki Island Sea Fishing / Fishing Boat Tour] Beginners and children can participate! Popular experience plan ranking & recommended shop / boat accommodation information from five-eyed fishing to big game aim

Focusing on "Ishigakijima sea fishing / fishing boat tour", we will guide you mainly on popular experience plan ranking & recommended shops / boat accommodation information from five-eyed fishing recommended for beginners and families with children to big game aiming for experienced people. For those who are looking for outdoor leisure, sightseeing, and play information to enjoy on Ishigaki Island, from a boarding boat that you can easily participate in to a charter plan where you can enjoy other marine activities such as snorkeling (snorkeling) and scuba diving by chartering a boat. We will thoroughly introduce recommended information.


[Miyakojima Sea Fishing / Fishing Boat Tour] You can participate empty-handed with fishing gear rental! Popular plans & shops / boat accommodation information for fishing at recommended points

Introducing experience tour plans with fishing gear rental that beginners and children can easily participate in by focusing on Miyakojima's sea fishing and fishing boat tours, recommended shops, and boat accommodation information at once. Please enjoy the spectacular tropical fishing where you can aim at colorful fish peculiar to tropical countries such as Gurukun, which is a prefecture fish of Okinawa, and big fish such as tuna.


[Akita Dog Tourism] Experience feeling Akita, nature, hot springs, historical culture, local food, etc ... Let's go out. A trip to meet Akita dogs.

Located in the northern part of Akita Prefecture, it is composed of four municipalities: Odate City, Kitaakita City, Kosaka Town, and Kamiko Animura. "Akita Inu Tourism" is an experience, nature, hot springs, historical culture, local food, etc. that this area has with the world-famous dog breed "Akita Inu (AKITA)" as a hook. A regional alliance DMO that conveys the appeal of such things to the world. Activity Japan has teamed up in the [Experience] field of the "Akita Inu Tourism" and has started accepting reservations for various tour plans for various hands-on activities and traditional culture experience programs held in various parts of the area. Please enjoy the charm of Akita Prefecture, which has nurtured the unique culture of the Tohoku region, with beautiful nature that attracts the expressions of the four seasons in spring, summer, autumn and winter.


[Weekly] Popular activity plan ranking

Announcement of popular reservation activity rankings scheduled to be held from August 2, 2021 to August 8, 2021 ♪ The ranking of this week, which finally enters the summer production in August, is Japan's number one bungee jump "Gifu bungee (height 215 m) ) ”Was the most popular! Below, "Okinawa" marine activities such as "experience diving" and "snorkeling", and "sea fishing / fishing boats" in Kanagawa / Yokohama are popular. And the hottest is the "Minamiizu / Hirizo Beach Snorkeling Experience Tour" which is held for a limited time from July to September every year and receives many reservations! There is a limit to the number of people who can enter the beach, so it is recommended to make an early reservation! Come on, summer production! Let's enjoy leisure safely and securely at the shop that holds a tour that thoroughly prevents the spread of new coronavirus infection ◎


Amami Islands National Park Sightseeing Spots Play Leisure Special Feature

Special feature on sightseeing spots in Amami Guntō National Park. July 26, 2021 Introducing mangroves, natural monuments, Amami rabbits, etc. that live in the Amami Islands National Park, a popular area including Amami Oshima, which was registered as a World Heritage Site. We will also introduce the prices and access to tourist spots. In addition, we will introduce activities and leisure that you can experience in and near the Amami Islands National Park!


Okinawa buggy / four-wheel buggy │ Highly rated reservation Popular experience plan & recommended shop

"Buggy / four-wheeled buggy" is rapidly gaining attention as an Okinawa activity / outdoor leisure activity. Introducing a complete coverage of experience plans held in remote island areas such as Itoman, Nago, Ishigaki Island, and Miyako Island. Let's check information such as reservation popularity ranking, price (price), reputation based on reviews and word-of-mouth experiences, discount campaigns, coupon information, etc.


Okinawa sea fishing, boat fishing rental available & recommended experience tour for beginners

Special feature on "Okinawa Sea Fishing / Fishing Boat Boarding Tour". We will thoroughly introduce popular fishing experience tour plans & recommended shop information held in remote island areas such as Ishigaki Island and Miyako Island, including the main island (Onna Village, Chatan, Nago, etc.). A number of experience tour plans that can rent a set of fishing gear are recommended for beginners and friends groups such as family trips with children and girls' trips. Gurukun, Meebai, Manybar goatfish, Marlin, etc ... Enjoy fishing unique to tropical Okinawa at a spectacular fishing spot that shines in emerald green.


[Okinawa canoe / kayak experience] Mangrove, Onna village, sunset etc ... Reviews of popular tours & recommended shop information

A major feature of Okinawa's "canoe / kayak" experience tour plan. "Okinawa canoeing and kayaking experience" including recommended shop information, clothes, age of participation, availability of same-day reservations, including popular plan rankings where mangrove virgin forest tours and sunset tours rowing according to the sunset time are ranked in We will provide you with useful information necessary for making a reservation.


Okinawa Parasailing │ Reservation Popular Experience Tour Recommended Shop Information

A major feature of Okinawa's parasailing experience tour. In addition to completely covering information on experience tour plans and shops held in popular areas such as Naha and Onna village, we will guide you to the information necessary for booking Okinawa parasailing such as the cheapest plan and the target age and number of participants. increase.


[Recommended on Ishigaki Island] The number of repeaters is proof of satisfaction! "Ishigaki Island Tour Guide All Blue" where you can enjoy Kabira Bay, Blue Cave, Manta Ray, and Sea Turtle Points

Close up on "Ishigaki Island Tour Guide All Blue", which holds outdoor activity experience tours such as snorkeling and experience diving at "Ishigaki Island", the most popular spot for traveling to remote islands in Okinawa. Kabira Bay, Blue Cave, Phantom Island, Manta Ray, Sea Turtle Point, and Starry Sky, etc ... A number of tours that completely cover the spectacular spots that you should definitely experience when you visit Ishigaki Island are reviewed by users.・ It is a highly recommended shop that gets 4.8 stars in the overall word-of-mouth evaluation.


For rafting beginners! Recommended tour / clothes / belongings complete guide

"I want to experience rafting, but what is the recommended time and place?" "What do you need to wear and bring?" Therefore, this time we will feature the time and spots, clothes and belongings that you are interested in when experiencing rafting. Rest assured that we will introduce by gender, spring, summer, autumn and winter and by season! When you're ready to dress and bring, make your rafting debut!


16 Recommended Activity Dates for Couples to Enjoy Okinawa in the Summer of 2021

This time we will feature summer Okinawa. Introducing activity tour 16 that can be enjoyed by couples. In addition, there is a lot of tourist information recommended for couples' dates, such as Okinawa's leading tourist spot, the romantic blue cave, and Kouri Island, which is popular as a power spot for fulfilling romance! Lots of cheap information on snorkeling and diving tours!


[Ishigaki Island / Snorkeling] Complete coverage of the latest popular spots! Experience Tour Plan Reservation Ranking TOP30 & Recommended Shop Information

A major feature of the experience tour of the large classic marine leisure "snorkeling" that you can enjoy while traveling to the remote islands of Okinawa and Ishigaki Island. Including "Manta snorkel" and "Sea turtle snorkel", "Blue cave snorkel" and uninhabited island "Phantom island (Hamajima) landing tour" etc. We will guide you through the latest information that will help you compare and consider plan selection, focusing on the introduction of good "recommended shops".


[Unexplored region of Minamiizu, Hirizo Beach] 2021 latest diving & snorkeling experience tour information! Fees, access, congestion forecasts, accommodation plans, etc ...

A thorough introduction to the "2021 latest information on Hirizo Beach", a hideaway beach that can only be reached by boat. Focusing on snorkeling, experience diving (tour for beginners), and introduction of guest house accommodation tour plans, we will approach the charm of how to enjoy Hirizo Beach, the unexplored region of Minamiizu, such as access methods and the time of opening the sea.


[Ishigaki Island Diving (Scuba Diving)] Swim with sea turtles and manta rays! Beginner / License / Fan Diving Popular Experience Tour & Recommended Shop Information

Thorough introduction of the latest version of Ishigakijima scuba diving popular tour! We will guide you through complete coverage of experience diving for beginners on Ishigaki Island, which has the world's highest manta ray encounter rate, fan diving for license holders, and license acquisition courses aiming to acquire a C card!


Wakayama Nanki Kushimoto Resort Oshima Accommodation Report!

Covered Wakayama / Nanki Kushimoto Resort Oshima. Interview with Mr. Kazuyuki Ohara, Managing Director of "OUTDOOR TRIP Co., Ltd.", which operates the campsite. We asked about the features, charm, word of mouth, activities that can be experienced in the Wakayama and Kushimoto areas of Resort Oshima.

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