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When does Oarai beach open? Recommended beaches and activities

Oarai Town in Ibaraki is about a two-hour drive from Tokyo. It's easily accessible, about 15 minutes from Oarai IC! We'll explain the beach opening times for Oarai Sun Beach and Oarai Beach in Oarai. We'll also introduce popular activities in Oarai, so be sure to check it out!


[2024] List of Okinawa beach opening dates

Speaking of Okinawa, it's the beautiful sea! This time, we will feature the beach opening in Okinawa. We will introduce the beach opening of popular beaches not only on the main island of Okinawa, but also on the remote islands of Ishigaki Island and Miyako Island!


[2024] When will Enoshima beach open? Recommended beaches and activities

Special feature on the beach opening in Enoshima in 2024. We explain the beach opening times for Katase Higashihama Beach, Katase Nishihama / Kugenuma Beach, and Tsujido Beach in Enoshima. We also introduce when you can swim in the beach in Enoshima, the time and season, and the activities and experiences you can enjoy in the area!


[Date on a rainy day] Recommended indoor spots and hidden gems in Osaka

This article is about dates in Osaka on rainy days. Along with the appeal of each spot, we will also introduce popular indoor activities and experiences for couples. In addition to the standard spots that are perfect for SNS posts, we have also picked out some hidden gems that are easily accessible from the downtown area!


[Weekly] Popular Activity Plan Ranking

We are announcing the latest popular reservation rankings for activities, leisure, experiences and play! You can find the perfect "Japanese play" for this season, such as marine sports, outdoor leisure, craft experiences and Japanese culture experiences! Please use it for various scenes such as outings for families with children (parents and children), couples' dates, student trips and school trips!


Nationwide bungee jump summary: Japan's highest ranking

We have announced the ranking of the tallest bungee jumps in Japan! We also introduce the locations, access, and prices of bungee jumps. We also have bungee jumping experiences and reviews. What is the ranking of the popular Gifu bungee jumps? We also have the Ibaraki Ryujin bungee jump in Kanto and the Nara Kaiun bungee jump in Kansai. We have a lot of recommended bungee jumps, such as Minakami and Sarugakyo in Gunma!


[Rainy day dates] Popular and hidden spots to enjoy on a rainy day in Kansai

We'll introduce you to the best places to go on a rainy day in Kansai, from the classics to the hidden gems! We'll suggest some recommended spots that can be enjoyed by students and adults alike. If you're having trouble planning a date for a rainy day in Kansai, please use this article as a reference.

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