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Winter Hokkaido Bus Tour │ Sapporo day trip sightseeing! Visit popular spots such as Asahiyama Zoo, Blue Pond, and drift ice crusher!

A major feature is the "Day Trip Bus Tour to / from Sapporo", which is extremely popular for winter travel and sightseeing in Hokkaido. We will thoroughly introduce the reservation details of the recommended tour plans that will be held in November / December 2021 and January / February / March 2022. Enjoy Hokkaido's representative sightseeing spots in winter and Hokkaido gourmet food, such as Asahiyama Zoo, illuminated blue pond & Shirahige Waterfall, ice breaker Garinko III / IMERU, and Sounkyo Icefall Festival.


Nagano / Lake Nojiri Smelt Fishing │ Dome Boat / Boat Reservation Popular Experience Plan & Recommended Shop

A special feature is the experience tour plan for the winter classic outdoor activity "Wakasagi Fishing" held at "Lake Nojiri" in Shinano-cho, Kamiminochi-gun, Nagano Prefecture. Information useful for making reservations for Lake Nojiri smelt fishing, such as the "experience tour holding season" and "popular experience plan price (price)" that will lift the ban on smelt fishing, as well as "reviews and word-of-mouth experiences" from users. Will guide you.


Online Tour Experience: Okinawa / Akajima Adan Leaf Bracelet Making Report

A super clumsy activity Japan editor reports on making an online bracelet for the shop atelier Tokoi in Akajima, Kerama Islands, Okinawa. Take a lecture online using the local plant Adan and make a checkered bracelet. Will a natural and fashionable bracelet that makes you feel the nature of Okinawa be completed safely? !!


Recommended in Kansai! Manufacturing experience & 30 rare handmade items

Special feature on "manufacturing experience" recommended in Kansai. Focusing on Kyoto and Osaka, we carefully select and introduce popular handmade types such as ceramics, Japanese miscellaneous goods, handmade accessories, glass work, and rare traditional crafts unique to Kansai. Dates between friends and couples, participation by one person or with children is OK, and there are plenty of cheap plans that even beginners can easily participate in.


17 bungee jumping spots nationwide

Special feature on bungee jumping nationwide. We will introduce each area such as Kanto, Kansai, Kyushu, and Hokkaido. Introducing bungee jumps that you can experience in Japan's tallest Gifu bungee, Ibaraki / Ryujin Ohashi bungee, Gunma / Shizuoka / Nara / Kumamoto. Bungee jumping at Yomiuri Land, an amusement park in Tokyo, and Mother Farm in Chiba! Introducing the price, location, access, and impressions of bungee jumping.


Nagano / Hakuba in winter │ Abundant other than skiing! Thorough introduction of sightseeing activities, leisure, experiences, and play!

A major feature of activities, leisure, experiences, and play in Hakuba Village, Nagano Prefecture, which is a representative winter travel and sightseeing spot in the Kanto Koshinetsu region. We will provide useful information for those who are looking for "winter play / snow play that children and families can enjoy" and "winter sports other than snowboarding and skiing" experience tours. Let's make a reservation for activities, leisure, experiences, and play held in a superb view looking up at the Japanese Alps and enjoy Hakuba Village in Nagano Prefecture in winter.


Hatsuyume Fair 2022 in activities! Same-day and previous-day reservations are also OK! For 350 events and over 15,000 plans of activities, experiences, and day trips all over Japan, make a cheap reservation at the Hatsuyume Fair in 2022!

Activity Japan will participate in the annual large-scale sale "Hatsuyume Fair" presented by the HIS Group again this year! "Outdoor" activities that utilize the natural resources of each region, mainly in popular areas in Japan, including popular resort areas such as Okinawa and Hokkaido, "manufacturing experience" that even small children can easily participate in, customers from overseas We have various activity experiences all over Japan such as "Traditional Culture Experience" which is also recommended, and we will guide you on popular plans at a big discount ♪ Make reservations for leisure during the winter vacation, year-end and New Year holidays, and spring vacation when reservations are crowded as soon as possible! Book this opportunity and enjoy the activity experience on your trip!


Popular winter sports! Snowscoot (Snowbike) Complete Guide

Featured on the recently popular winter sports snowscoot (snowbike). Snowscoot (snowbike) is a new activity for skiing on winter ski slopes and slopes. Introducing the features and charms of Snowscoot (snow bike), experience fee and average price. We will also tell you about popular and cheap tours of Hokkaido, Niigata and Nagano where you can experience snowscoot (snowbike)!


[Weekly] Popular activity plan ranking

Announcement of popular activity rankings for reservations scheduled to be held from November 29, 2021 to December 5, 2021 ♪ Japan's number one bungee jump "Gifu Bungee (height 215 m)" is ranked first during this period when it finally enters December. In addition to being ranked in, bungee jumping plans such as "Ibaraki / Ryujin Bungy (100m)" are very popular! In addition, various marine activities such as "sea fishing / fishing boat" mainly in the Kanto region, "smelt fishing" held in Yamanashi / Lake Yamanaka, and "Okinawa (including Ishigakijima / Miyakojima)" are becoming popular.


Recommended for winter trips! Special feature on play / activity experience unique to winter

Recommended activity ranking feature that you want to experience on your domestic trip in the winter of 2021! We have compiled information on activity tours unique to popular tourist destinations such as Hokkaido and Okinawa. For family trips with children, couples and girls, and solo trips. From outdoor playgrounds that both adults and children can enjoy to indoor experiences, there are plenty of games to enjoy during the New Year holidays and winter vacation!


[Tochigi / Oku-Nikko Popular Shop] Held in February 4th year of Reiwa! Glide through the snowy fields of Oku-Nikko! Beginners welcome cross-country ski tour

"Recommended experience tour plan held in February 4th year of Reiwa" by the popular shop "Nikko Nature Museum Co., Ltd." that holds a variety of sightseeing nature guided tours in "Tochigi / Oku-Nikko", one of the representative sightseeing spots in the Kanto region. 』Close up. "[Oku-Nikko / Beginners welcome / Limited to 2 days] Glide through the snowy fields of Oku-Nikko !! Enjoy your first cross-country skiing!" It is a content that you can participate.


Okinawa trip in December | What is the climate, clothes, and prices? Recommended activity thorough guide

Special feature on Okinawa trip in December. Information useful for sightseeing such as prices and costs, climate / weather of Okinawa and clothes coordination is posted. We will also introduce popular snorkeling and diving tours in Okinawa in December, recommended activities, leisure, experiences and play in the ranking. Can you swim in the sea in Okinawa in December? Information that interests you! Book your trip to Okinawa at Activity Japan!

ice climbing

Ice climbing experience │ Beginner training & equipment rental recommended tour plan introduction

A major feature is the experience tour of the outdoor activity "Ice Climbing" that is held only in winter in the play field with frozen waterfalls, ice waterfalls or artificial ice walls. Introducing the basic knowledge that ice climbing beginners should know, such as the price (price) of popular experience tours, evaluations based on reviews and word-of-mouth experiences, equipment that can be rented, and clothes suitable for participating in the tour.


National Smelt Fishing Popularity Ranking │ Ice / Dome Boat Tour! A thorough introduction to the lake leisure winter tradition of smelt fishing!

Focus on "Wakasagi fishing", which is by far the most popular among snow activities and winter sports. Experience plan of popular spots scattered all over the country We will introduce the popularity ranking of each area and approach its charm. The big iron rule for experiencing smelt fishing (smelt fishing) is to "fish happily and eat deliciously". For winter vacation and weekend leisure, enjoy winter traditions in various scenes such as family, friends, couples, etc.


Furano, Biei, Tomamu in winter │ Thorough introduction of popular activities, leisure, experiences, and play!

A thorough introduction to the popular winter activities, leisure, experiences, and play of "Furano, Biei, Tomamu," one of the most popular travel and sightseeing spots in Hokkaido. There are many recommended tours such as various winter sports where you can enjoy powder snow due to abundant snowfall, "snowshoe snow trekking" aiming for a superb view spot "blue pond" and "hot air balloon" where you can enjoy free flight. ..


Enjoy winter Kansai! Recommended play & indoor experience / activity

Special feature on activities to enjoy Kansai in winter. Cruising around popular sightseeing and scenic spots in Kansai, winter sports and outdoor activities unique to winter, indoor manufacturing and sports activities and experiences that move your body. Introducing the features of Kyoto, Osaka, Shiga, Nara, Wakayama, Hyogo, popular sightseeing spots, and experiences and activities recommended for both adults and children.


"Recommended way of spending & activities" to ask the Wakayama Kozakawacho Tourism Association

The Kozagawa River in Wakayama, which is located at the southernmost tip of the Kii Peninsula, is an area surrounded by nature, where more than 90% of the town is occupied by mountains and rivers. The symbol of the town, Koza River, is a clear stream that has been selected as one of the 100 best waters of Heisei. There are many rare sightseeing spots such as nationally designated insect-eating rocks and monoliths, and there are plenty of highlights! This time, we will tell you about the charm of Kozagawa Town that the locals know, recommended experiences and activities!

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