[Akita Dog Tourism] Experience feeling Akita, nature, hot springs, historical culture, local food, etc ... Let's go out. A trip to meet Akita dogs.

Odate City, Kita Akita City, Kosaka Town, and Kamiko Animura, which are located in the northern part of Akita Prefecture, are composed of four municipalities. "Akita Inu Tourism" is an experience, nature, hot springs, historical culture, local food, etc. that this area has with the world-famous dog breed "Akita Inu (AKITA)" as a hook. A regional alliance DMO that conveys the appeal of such things to the world. Activity Japan has teamed up in the [Experience] field of the "Akita Inu Tourism" and has started accepting reservations for various tour plans for various hands-on activities and traditional culture experience programs held in various parts of the area. Please enjoy the charm of Akita Prefecture, which has nurtured the unique culture of the Tohoku region, with beautiful nature that attracts the expressions of the four seasons in spring, summer, autumn and winter.


[Weekly] Popular activity plan ranking

Announcement of popular reservation activity rankings scheduled to be held from August 2, 2021 to August 8, 2021 ♪ The ranking of this week, which finally enters the summer production in August, is Japan's number one bungee jump "Gifu bungee (height 215 m) ) ”Was the most popular! Below, "Okinawa" marine activities such as "experience diving" and "snorkeling", and "sea fishing / fishing boats" in Kanagawa / Yokohama are popular. And the hottest is the "Minamiizu / Hirizo Beach Snorkeling Experience Tour" which is held for a limited time from July to September every year and receives many reservations! There is a limit to the number of people who can enter the beach, so it is recommended to make an early reservation! Come on, summer production! Let's enjoy leisure safely and securely at the shop that holds a tour that thoroughly prevents the spread of new coronavirus infection ◎


[Recommended on Ishigaki Island] The number of repeaters is proof of satisfaction! "Ishigaki Island Tour Guide All Blue" where you can enjoy Kabira Bay, Blue Cave, Manta Ray, and Sea Turtle Points

Close up on "Ishigaki Island Tour Guide All Blue", which holds outdoor activity experience tours such as snorkeling and experience diving at "Ishigaki Island", the most popular spot for traveling to remote islands in Okinawa. Kabira Bay, Blue Cave, Phantom Island, Manta Ray, Sea Turtle Point, and Starry Sky, etc ... A number of tours that completely cover the spectacular spots that you should definitely experience when you visit Ishigaki Island are reviewed by users.・ It is a highly recommended shop that gets 4.8 stars in the overall word-of-mouth evaluation.


[Tochigi / Oku-Nikko popular shop] Guided walk, night hiking, mountain climbing, starry sky viewing, insect observation etc ... Recommended summer tours!

On this page, "June-September 2021" by the popular shop "Nikko Nature Museum Co., Ltd.", which holds a variety of sightseeing nature guided tours in "Tochigi / Oku-Nikko", one of the representative tourist destinations in the Kanto region Close up on "Recommended Experience Tour Plan". Guided walks, night hikes, mountain climbing, sketch hikes, starry sky viewing, insect observation, etc., where small-group tours are thoroughly implemented to avoid three-cs, etc. Many original experience tours can be enjoyed with peace of mind even in the corona.


[Okinawa Itoman Recommended Shop] Fun even in the rain! "Dokidoki Yambarunture" is a popular jungle buggy experience where you can fully enjoy nature

On this page, we will focus on the popular shop "Dokidoki Yambarunture", which is held in Itoman City, a hot spot around Naha on the main island of Okinawa. In addition to the activity experience tour plan that is accepting reservations, we will approach its charm such as recommended points from the viewpoint of Activity Japan and introduction of popular guide staff.


[Lake Biwa Recommended Store] The Rio Olympics representative from Japan teaches! Windsurfing & Wingfoil School "Biwakomarinsupo Club"

Thorough focus on "Biwakomarin Sports Club", which holds a trial lesson plan for windsurfing and wing foil at Lake Biwa, Japan's largest lake activity spot! In addition to introducing the trial lesson plans for "Biwako PRO Windsurfing School" and "Biwako PRO Wing Foil School", we will approach the attractive points of Activity Japan's perspective and information on enrolled instructors!


[Ishigaki Island Recommended Store] Shops with outstanding Instagram shine are highly evaluated! Kabira Bay Snorkeling & Glass Boat Tour Held "Kabira Snorkeling Studio-"

"Kabira Snorkeling Studio-" (Snorkeling specialty store) that holds a great experience tour plan that includes snorkeling experience & glass boat boarding & lunch at the popular spot "Kabira Bay" on the remote island of Okinawa, Ishigaki Island ) ”. It is a recommended shop for 2021 season activity Japan, which is not only highly satisfying to customers for marine activity experience tours, but also has a reputation for fashionable shop facilities that look great on Instagram and excellent lunch menus.


[Ishigaki Island Recommended Store] Manta Sea Turtle & Sekisei Lagoon & Phantom Island Snorkeling Tour Held "Beginner Specialized Diving School Gathering"

Thorough introduction of "Beginner Specialized Diving School Atsumaru" that holds popular experience tours such as snorkeling and experience diving in Ishigaki Island, Okinawa! We are holding a lot of experience tours of the super popular marine spots on Ishigaki Island, such as Manta Sea Turtle Point & Sekisei Lagoon & Phantom Island (Hamajima), which are very satisfying and mistaken.


[Yamagata / Iide Town] Limited to 2021/4/29 (Thursday) -5/9 (Sunday)! Superb view canoeing experience in the submerged forest of Shirakawa dam lake & Yonezawa beef / local vegetables BBQ lunch tour

The natural phenomenon "Suibotsurin" that appears in the outdoor spot "Shirakawa Dam Lake" where you can enjoy beautiful nature all year round in Iide Town, Yamagata Prefecture, Tohoku Region. The beautiful scenery reflected by the trees reflected on the surface of the lake and the sunlight is a magnificent view that can be seen only once a year for a limited period from April to May. The experience tour introduced this time is an outdoor experience tour where you can fully enjoy the nature of Shirakawa dam lake, such as enjoying a spectacular cruising and Yonezawa beef barbecue lunch with a "canoe" in the submerged forest of Shirakawa dam lake.


[Ishigaki Island Recommended Shop] Manta sea turtle snorkel experience guided by a beginner-friendly store manager! Manta specialty store "Sorairo marine"

On this page, we will focus on the manta specialty store "Sorairo marine", which holds hands-on tours of "snorkeling" and "experience diving" at "Ishigaki Island", the most popular spot for traveling to remote islands in Okinawa. In addition to the popular experience tour where you can swim with manta rays and sea turtles, we will thoroughly introduce the attractions such as activity Japan recommended points, including the reservation reception experience tour plan introduction that allows you to enjoy landing on a phantom island and sightseeing in Taketomi Island. I will!


[Okinawa main island recommended shop] Highly rated reviews! "Marine Shop Owl" holds a great set plan for popular marine leisure experiences

A thorough introduction to "Marine Shop Owl", which has a shop in "Ginowan", one of the most popular areas on the main island, located about 10 minutes by car from Naha Airport. We have a wide variety of popular marine leisure activities such as hydraulic activities such as "fly board" and "banana boat towing tube", and we have a good reputation from guests based on reviews and word-of-mouth experiences. Let's enjoy Okinawa in the 2021 summer season with the "Marine Shop Owl" activity experience plan that will be held for all tours as a countermeasure against new coronavirus infectious diseases!


[North Bingo Tourism Cooperation Council / Fuchu City, Hiroshima Prefecture / Sera Town / Jinseki Kogen Town] Introducing experiences and tours to enjoy historical towns, flower towns, and natural towns

Fuchu City, Sera Town, and Jinseki Kogen Town have collaborated to overcome issues such as traffic access in the mountains, which is inferior to local governments along the sea where the Shinkansen runs, and short stay time due to the lack of accommodation facilities. We are working on tourism promotion. We aim to develop the tourism industry and revitalize the region by turning the local resources of the three cities and towns into lines and planes and making the best use of their respective strengths.


[Ishinomaki Area Tourism Promotion Organization] A sea town walk where you can enjoy the charms of Ishinomaki City, Higashi Matsushima City, and Onagawa Town

Located in the eastern part of "Matsushima", one of the three most scenic spots in Japan, Ishinomaki City, Higashi Matsushima City, and Onagawa Town (Ishinomaki Area) are fertile cultivated land connected to the Sendai Plain and the world's three major fishing grounds "Kinkayama Offshore" in front of you. Since ancient times, it has developed as a city where agriculture and fisheries are thriving. In order to realize regional revitalization (good to live, good to visit, good to work) in this area, in addition to controlling the outflow of population to the outside of the region, create "local work" and use the tourism field as an entrance. I think it is important to work more actively to expand the exchange population.


[Recommended in Tochigi / Oku-Nikko] Trekking, hiking & bird watching, insect observation etc ... Nature guided tour held from spring to early summer

On this page, "Recommended Experience Tour Plan Held from Spring to Early Summer" by "Nikko Nature Museum Co., Ltd.", which holds many popular sightseeing nature guided tours in "Tochigi / Oku-Nikko", one of the representative sightseeing spots in the Kanto region. Close up to. Climbing, trekking, hiking, bird watching, insect observation, etc., where measures to avoid three-cs are thoroughly implemented by a small group tour, etc. We will thoroughly introduce the two axes of "a plan to enjoy Oku-Nikko more professionally and deeply"!


[Kazuno DMO Promotion Office] To the birthplace of Kiritanpo and the undeveloped land where the Jomon culture remains strong ・ Nature, hot springs, historical culture, local food, to Kazuno City with many attractions

Kazuno City, located in the northeastern part of Akita Prefecture, is located on the border of three prefectures, Aomori Prefecture, Iwate Prefecture, and Akita Prefecture. It is a mountainous area, and is a city rich in nature with Lake Towada in Aomori Prefecture adjacent to the north. There are many ways to enjoy Kiritanpo, such as making your own original Kiritanpo in the birthplace of Kiritanpo, experiencing winter activities in Hachimantai, and taking a tour to experience Jomon culture. Please check here for reservations and details of each experience tour plan.


[Recommended in Tochigi / Oku-Nikko] Oku-Nikko in late autumn. Enjoy the spectacular scenery that can only be experienced this season on a nature guided tour

Close up on "Recommended Experience Tour Plan for Late Autumn" by "Nikko Nature Museum Co., Ltd.", a shop that conducts many popular tourist guided tours in "Tochigi / Oku-Nikko", one of the representative sightseeing spots in the Kanto region. Hiking to explore Lake Chuzenji in autumn colors, bird watching to observe Steller's sea eagles that come to the area around Oku-Nikko in this season, and a limited-time tour to match the hottest event "Light-up Oku-Nikko" in the fall of 2020 etc .. Please enjoy the superb view nature tour that can be enjoyed only at one time before the full-scale winter.


[Okinawa Recommended Store] Limited to 1 group per tour! Mangrove kayaking around Yanbaru resident guide is popular "Yanbaru guide Tida-Smile"

Close up on "Yanbaru Guide Tida-Smile", a shop that holds experience tours of mangrove kayaking, sea kayaking and trekking in the wilderness of the Yanbaru (Yanbaru) area in the northern part of the main island of Okinawa! GoTo Travel Regional common coupons can also be used Reservation reception Experience tour plans and basic shop information, as well as popular guide staff introductions and recommended points recommended by Activity Japan from a professional perspective will be introduced in an easy-to-understand manner!


[Tochigi / Oku-Nikko Recommended Tour] Recommended supernatural experience where you can fully enjoy "Light-up Oku-Nikko" held from 2020/11/14 (Sat) to 11/23 (holiday)

We will introduce a number of Oku-Nikko Nature Tour and Sightseeing Guided Tour that will be held exclusively by Activity Japan Recommended Shop "Nikko Nature Museum" during the event "Light Up Oku-Nikko" which is the hottest event in the fall of 2020. Kegon Falls, Lake Chuzenji, British / Italian Embassy Villa Memorial Park, etc ... Along with a tour of popular tourist destinations that are fantastically lit up on the autumn nights of excursions, outdoor spots that represent the Kanto region Let's enjoy the nature of Tochigi and Oku-Nikko known as.

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