Things to do in Kansai

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Kansai that is first mentioned in local recommended spot, is "Universal Studios Japan" on the Osaka City Konohana Ward. Experience the world of Hollywood, access is also excellent because it is about a 16-minute train ride from JR Shin-Osaka Station. Complete a number of high-attractions are available. In addition, attractions and meals processing is close to the "Kaiyukan" can be enjoyed throughout the day in the trip so full of. Sakurajima Station is also useful to go to either of the facility. The Kita-ku, Osaka there is a lot of Museum, the Tennoji of folksy town there is a zoo. The Chuo-ku, Osaka has the latest trendy cafes from the shops of the local unique classic, is a popular area as well as a weekday getaway spots. Since the Osaka are dotted with theme park to play indoors, it is popular for families of elementary school students Child. The Sango-cho, Nara Prefecture, there is a bungee jump, can feel the pounding excitement, it will swollen conversations talking with friends. Kyoto is the reputation various types of traditional crafts experience. With the contents of the full attention, of course with a focus on women often is characterized. Kyoto is so crowded with people of Osaka similar plenty, it is safe and keep the advance hotel reservation, even on weekdays not only Saturdays and Sundays. In the Kitayama and Nanki-Shirahama in Wakayama Prefecture can full-fledged play of the outdoor experience. There is also a compelling program, reputation and irresistible excitement. To enjoy the tourism and children, business hours and holidays, the exhibition corner -, it's a good idea to check such as an address.

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