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Kitano Tenman-gu Shrine, which is popular as a god of academic discipline is being held, is popular as a place for passing prayers as there are benefits for each exam, job searching and examination. There are many cattle statues in the precincts, it is said that if you pat the cow, your head gets better, the disease will heal. In spring, 1500 plum blossoms are in full bloom in the precincts, and you can see the magnificent scenery. Kamakura ji historic was built in the era of luxurious of the three-layer structure Fri from the Cabinet Fri is also referred to as閣寺, high popularity from its luxurious appearance, Kyoto has been known as a representative tourist spot. It is easy to visit because you can go by bus from Arashiyama and Gion. In this area there are plenty of Activity that you can experience traditional crafts such as dressing, tea ceremony experience, Yuzen dyed and so on.


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