Things to do in Kinkakuji/Kitano-tenmangu Area

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Tenmangu Kitano Sugawara public which has been popular as a God of learning has been enshrined, the examination and employment activities, is popular as a place to pass pray as there is a divine favor for each test. The precinct, a number of cattle of the image, or better the head and stroking the cattle, has been with the disease is cured. In the spring, it is the precincts bloom is also of plum blossoms 1500, show us a view of the masterpiece. Ji historic was built in the Kamakura period is also referred to as the Golden Pavilion from Kinkaku of luxurious of the three-layer structure, high popularity from its luxurious appearance, has been known to Kyoto as a representative tourist spot. Arashiyama and is visited easy to spot because to go by bus from Gion. In this area, dressing and tea ceremony experiences, such as Me Yuzen, traditional crafts There is a wealth of activities that can be experience.

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