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I am teaching based on the experience of about 10 years in Japan and 2 and a half years of studying metal engraving in Italy. You can enjoy the production experience at a metal engraving class in Kyoto. It is an original design, and if the customer wishes, the design can be changed flexibly. In the same building, there is a glass workshop where you can experience, a select shop, a gallery, etc., such as pottery of artists who do not sell online. On both sides, there is a soba restaurant selected as one of the top 100 famous restaurants in Tabelog, a café with majolica tiles in a renovated retro public bath, and an Italian restaurant within a 5-minute walk. I hope you enjoy it. It is located on the second floor of the building next to Sarasa Nishijin, a former public bath cafe. After entering the building, please take off your shoes from the corridor on the right. There are 1 Western-style toilet and 1 Japanese-style toilet for men and women. As a countermeasure against corona infection, you can experience making accessories by chartering one group, so please feel free to come with families with small children.

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Guest user

it was a pleasant and fun experience making the rings!! the instructor was very patient and helpful, so even if you have no experience, it was still straightforward and relatively easy to make a cool ring. would highly recommend it for friends and couples when visiting the area if you have a some downtime

Participating date: January 2024
Metal carving class
Accessory making
Ring making
Feedback from Activity Provider

Thank you for visiting our store today!Thank you so much for posting your review as well.I am so glad you enjoyed it.It was a pleasure for me to help you create your one-of-a-kind ring.Please come back anytime.Thank you very much!

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Guest userとても可愛くできて大満足!


Participating date: December 2023
Key holder / Strap making
Metal carving class
Accessory making
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  • Solo
Guest user☆バングル制作体験☆


Participating date: October 2023
Metal carving class
Accessory making
Bracelet making
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AtelierAƵu recommended points

Unique original designs at affordable prices

For those who don't usually wear accessories, we have prepared key chains and other items for you to enjoy. In addition, we have set the price low so that you can easily experience metal engraving so that you can realize what you like from an early age.

Relaxing rental experience in an old private house in Kyoto

Located on the first floor of a 90-year-old former student dormitory. There are many attractive shops in the same facility! Enjoy the atmospheric atmosphere of the building with its courtyard.

We provide technology prepared in Italy

You will be taught by an instructor who has experience studying abroad. In addition to hands-on experience, we are also holding a metal engraving class. Please feel free to contact us.

Information on AtelierAƵu

Number of staff 1persons
Number of instructors 1persons
Selling points regarding safety Due to corona measures, it is a 1 group charter system. Work that involves the risk of fire, such as the use of fire, and is likely to cause injury may be performed here.

AtelierAƵu - operating hours

Kyoto Prefecture Kyoto City Kita Ward Murasakino Higashi Fujinomoricho 11-1
Operating hours 10: 00-18: 00
Regular holidays No particulars

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