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Recommended for summer trips! Marine sports special feature to enjoy summer

Summer where you can fully enjoy the charm of the sea. Special features include snorkeling and experience diving where you can enjoy the extraordinary world, and parasailing where you can enjoy the exhilaration. We will also introduce recommended activity rankings and popular sightseeing spots for summer vacation!


Okinawa snorkeling recommended spots / experience tour popularity ranking

A major feature of Okinawa's snorkeling experience tour! Introducing useful information such as experience fee (price), holding time, season, etc., along with the reservation popularity ranking of experience tours that beginners and children can participate in. Check out the experience tours held at recommended spots for snorkeling in Okinawa, such as Onna Village / Blue Cave, Sea Turtle Tour, Superb Beach, and Hidden Spots.


Chiba surfing │ Recommended experience school information for beginners with board rental!

Special feature on surfing experience school for beginners in Chiba! We will thoroughly introduce popular lesson plans with board (longboard / shortboard) rentals held on the coast such as Kujukuri and around Ichinomiya. At the same time, let's check all the useful information for surfing for the first time, such as "Charm of Chiba surfing" and "Popular surfing spots in Chiba".


Cool and comfortable in the summer camp! Measures against heat when sleeping & essentials

Featured on the recently popular summer camp. A cool campsite in the summer, how to deal with the heat when sleeping at night and how to stay cool. Introducing recommended materials and clothes that are cool even in the summer, and useful goods that are useful to have. In addition to measures against heat, we will also tell you about insect measures and UV rays / sunburn measures that are indispensable for summer camps!


34 selections of remote islands in Okinawa! Summary of recommended tours & popular sightseeing spots

This time we will feature the remote islands of Okinawa. Introducing 34 remote islands centered on manned islands and popular tourist spots. Explains the charm and characteristics of the remote islands of Okinawa, which are different from the main island. We will carefully select and tell you the location and characteristics of remote islands, classic & hidden sightseeing spots, recommended day trip activities and activities with a map!


Thorough introduction of recommended, word-of-mouth, and discount reservation information for Kabira Bay glass-bottom boats!

Recommended information for a glass-bottom boat sightseeing tour of Ishigaki Island and Kabira Bay! Where is the Kabira Bay glass-bottom boat? For those who are worried, we thoroughly introduce reservation information such as price (price) and discount information, word of mouth and time zone (high tide / low tide), operation status and whether you can enjoy rainy sunrise. Enjoy the spectacular spots that earn the Michelin Green Guide Japan 3-star rating!


Tottori Sand Dunes Activity │ Thorough introduction of recommended games such as sandboarding and paragliding that can be enjoyed with children!

Special feature on activities, leisure, experiences, and play in Tottori Sand Dunes! We will thoroughly introduce recommended experience plans such as sandboarding, paragliding, Segway and fat bike, including camel riding, which is synonymous with sightseeing. Let's check all the useful information such as business hours, parking lot information, "What can you do in Tottori Sand Dunes?" And "What month if you go to Tottori Sand Dunes?"


Gero Onsen's popular sightseeing spots and gourmet guide! Introducing recommended activities in the area!

Special feature on Gifu and Gero Onsen. Gifu Onsen, one of Japan's three major hot springs, is characterized by its compact size and easy walking, with tourist spots gathered on the banks of the Hida River. Introducing the standard sightseeing spots, power spots, access and fees of Gero Onsen. There are also gourmet foods at Gero Onsen. We will also tell you about recommended activities and experiences that you can enjoy near Gero Onsen and Gifu!


Yakushima Jomon cedar trekking tour │ A big survey of reservation information such as price, directions, time, best season!

A major feature of the Jomon cedar trekking tour (Yakusugi trekking tour) on Yakushima, a world natural heritage island! In addition to introducing recommended tours and popularity rankings, we will also provide information useful for booking such as directions, times and best seasons. Let's check the basic knowledge of Jomon cedar, such as the history, the origin of the name, the age of the tree, and the difference between Jomon cedar and Yakusugi.


[2022] Obon holiday | When will the period start? Announcing calendars and popular tour activities!

Commentary on the 2022 Obon holidays! Not only the schedule and calendar, but also information such as regional differences and customs during the Obon holidays. We will also announce the popularity ranking of the destinations you want to go to during the Obon holidays and the activities you can enjoy there. Please use it for planning your summer vacation and Obon vacation trips and play.


Where is Okinawa Yanbaru? A big survey of popular activity tours and tourist spot information!

A major survey of popular activities, leisure, experiences, play and sightseeing spots in "Yanbaru (Yanbaru)" in the northern part of the main island of Okinawa, which has been registered as a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site! Let's check all the useful information for enjoying Okinawa and Yanbaru, such as introduction of mangrove canoe, location (map), directions, meaning and so on.


Awaji Island fishing experience │ Recommended for beginners and children! Introducing a tour that you can enjoy empty-handed with rental!

Special feature on sea fishing information on Awaji Island, Hyogo Prefecture! Introducing an experience plan that beginners can enjoy with rental, focusing on fishing information of "fish species and fruits that can be caught on Awaji Island" such as blue-backed fish, big fish and squid, and "fishing spots and points" such as fishing ports and sea fishing parks.


Summary of recommended beaches and activities on Ishigaki Island

Special feature on recommended beaches on Ishigaki Island. Introducing features and attractions from classic to hidden beaches. Many of the beaches on Ishigaki Island are shallow and gentle, so it is also recommended for families with children to enjoy activities. We will also tell you about activities that you can enjoy around the beach on Ishigaki Island.

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