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Online tour experience: What is "Kamai meat (Ryukyu wild boar meat)" in Iriomote Island, Okinawa? !!

Report of Ryukyu wild boar meat ordered from Iriomote Island, Okinawa. Local experts explain Ryukyu wild boar meat and how to eat it on an online tour. Ryukyu wild boar meat, which was a valuable source of protein for residents in Iriomote Island, Okinawa, has been popularly known as kamai meat. It is a valuable experience activity where you can learn about the history and capture method of Ryukyu wild boar meat, which is rare and not widely distributed, and experience the food culture of the remote islands of Okinawa!


World Natural Heritage "Amami / Okinawa" Online Tour Experience to Enjoy at Home

Spring, summer, autumn and winter Popular tourist spots where the demand for outdoor activities and cultural experience leisure does not decline Amami Oshima, Tokunoshima, northern Okinawa Island (Yanbaru) and Iriomote Island. Experience the beautiful sea and magnificent nature of the "Amami / Okinawa" area, which has been registered as a World Natural Heritage Site, from your smartphone or computer with an online tour experience! Introducing each area and online tours, introducing popular online experiences, etc.


[Tokyo / Personal Color Diagnosis] Know the color that suits you! Popular plan course contents & recommended shop information

This page features "Personal Color" held in Tokyo. In addition to introducing "recommended experience plans" and "holding salon / shop information" under the guidance of popular instructors, we will thoroughly introduce its appeal such as "merits of receiving a personal color diagnosis". Get to know "the color that suits you" and enjoy "self-polishing" such as makeup, hair color, and fashion.


Online tour experience: Challenge to make "Miki", a traditional fermented beverage from Okinawa and Kurima Island

We will make a traditional drink "Miki" from the remote island of Okinawa, Kurimajima, on an online experience tour. "Miki" is the Chinese character for "miki". This is a workshop where you can learn about the relationship between the Ryukyu Kingdom Shinto ritual and "Miki" and its characteristics while actually making it yourself. It will be completed a few days after the experience to ferment, but the follow-up during that time is perfect. It is a valuable experience to directly experience Okinawan culture.


[Latest in 2022] Okinawa / Blue Cave x Diving Tour Ranking for Beginners

Special feature is a recommended diving tour that you can experience in Okinawa "Blue Cave". In addition to popular activity rankings, we will introduce places, access, and diving spots. We will also tell you about popular shops that are cheap and affordable, so please refer to them!


Backcountry beginner's guide! Charm / Equipment / Clothing & Popular Tour Ranking

Featured on the popular winter sports backcountry. Backcountry skiing and snowboarding on powder snow. Explains features and charms, seasons & times, equipment and clothes for beginners. We will also introduce backcountry notes and reviews. Introducing backcountry reservations and popularity rankings! Backcountry cheap tours at Activity Japan!


[Latest in 2022] Okinawa Blue Cave x Snorkeling Tour Ranking for Beginners

Special feature is a recommended snorkeling tour that you can experience in Okinawa "Blue Cave". We will also introduce popular and cheap plans and rankings, so don't miss out on great deals! We will also tell you the location, access, snorkeling spots and recommended times to experience.


17 selections of national bungee jump rankings & spots

Special feature on bungee jumping nationwide. We will introduce each area such as Kanto, Kansai, Kyushu, and Hokkaido. Introducing bungee jumps that you can experience in Japan's tallest Gifu bungee, Ibaraki / Ryujin Ohashi bungee, Gunma / Shizuoka / Nara / Kumamoto. Bungee jumping at Yomiuri Land, an amusement park in Tokyo, and Mother Farm in Chiba! Introducing the price, location, access, and impressions of bungee jumping.


5 Recommended Plans for Otaru Glass Experience │ Glass Beads / Glass / Accessories Handmade Experience Reservation Complete Guide

This page features the popular experience-based tourism and leisure event "Otaru Glass Experience" for traveling to Otaru, Hokkaido. Thorough introduction of recommended experience plans & shops / workshop reservation information that allows you to make glass (cups), dragonfly balls, glass accessories, etc. by hand. Enjoy the "Otaru Glass Experience", which is popular with a wide range of people such as families with children, couples, school trips and student trips, along with Hokkaido gourmet food and strolling.


2022: Blue Cave Hokkaido Summary Otaru / Shakotan / Hakodate Recommended Tour

Special feature on the blue cave (Otaru, Shakotan, Hakodate) in Hokkaido. Introducing access, location, price, and tourist information to Hokkaido's Blue Cave. Recommended snorkeling and diving tour information. We will tell you about cheap cruising and clear kayaking tours where you can fully enjoy Hokkaido's blue cave!


Dog sledding experience │ Reputation, impressions & popular shop information of recommended tours

This page features a special feature on the snow activity / sightseeing and leisure event "Dog Sledding", which is extremely popular as a winter experience. We will thoroughly introduce information useful for booking dog sledding experience tours, such as popular experience tour plan prices in Hokkaido (Sapporo, Furano area, etc.) and Kanto (Gunma), impressions from participants, and word-of-mouth experiences.


Strawberry hunting with all-you-can-eat and free condensed milk nationwide! One-day hot spring recommended activities

Cheap and popular! Special feature on strawberry picking nationwide. All-you-can-eat, free condensed milk, and great strawberry picking! We will also introduce recommended one-day hot springs that you can enjoy together with strawberry picking. It also explains the time and season of strawberry picking. Activity Japan carefully selects activities and leisure activities that you can experience near strawberry picking. Recommended for a wide range of scenes from small children to couples and girls traveling!


Yatsugatake Snowshoe │ Snowy mountain climbing course for beginners, recommended experience tour thorough guide

This page features "Snowshoe / Snow Trekking" which is held only in winter in Yatsugatake and the surrounding mountains that straddle Nagano and Yamanashi prefectures. We will thoroughly introduce useful information such as popular tours and recommended shops that beginners and children can participate in with equipment rental, as well as information on popular mountain climbing courses such as Mt. Kitayokodake and Mt. Shimakare of Kitayokodake.


Popular sightseeing spots in Nagoya and recommended experiences / activity guides

Introducing carefully selected popular sightseeing spots in Aichi and Nagoya and recommended experiences and activities! From traditional culture and manufacturing experiences to outdoor activities such as the Kisogawa River activities, centering on Nagoya Castle and the Sakae area, we will guide you on outing information that is perfect for couples' dates and family trips with children. Why don't you enjoy sightseeing unique to Nagoya with its unique culture through local experience?


Hokkaido ice smelt fishing popularity ranking! Lifting of the ban & special feature on points

Hokkaido smelt fishing (Wakasagi fishing) special feature. Introducing cheap popular tour rankings. We will explain the places where you can enjoy smelt fishing (smelt fishing) in Hokkaido, the popular Shinshinotsu and points, and the time when the ban is lifted. Recommended for beginners fishing for smelt & empty-handed, full of tool-free tours! To book a cheap smelt fishing tour that you can experience in Hokkaido, go to Activity Japan!


Kansai / Glasswork │ Reservation Popularity Ranking & Recommended Glass Studio / Classroom Information

This page features "Glasswork / Glass Studio" in the Kansai region (Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo, Wakayama, Nara, Shiga). Focusing on "Popular plan ranking" and "Recommended glass workshop / shop information", we will introduce useful information for advance preparation and online reservation. Blown glass, sandblast, stained glass, dragonfly balls / marbles, glass accessories, etc .... Please look for your favorite glasswork experience from abundant plans.


Tokyo / Glasswork Experience │ Popular Plan Ranking & Recommended Glass Studio / Shop Information

This page features a "glasswork experience" that you can enjoy in Tokyo. Focusing on "Popular plan ranking" and "Recommended glass workshop / shop information", we will introduce useful information for advance preparation and online reservation. Blown glass, stained glass, dragonfly balls, Edo Kiriko, glass accessories, etc ... Please look for your favorite glasswork experience from abundant plans.


Activities other than skiing to enjoy in Hakuba in winter! Popular experience ranking

Features activities that can be enjoyed in Hakuba in winter. We will also introduce experiences and activities other than skiing and snowboarding. In winter Hakuba, you can enjoy many leisure activities such as snowshoeing, snow trekking, and smelt fishing. In addition, we announce sightseeing information of Nagano and Hakuba and popular activities and experience rankings! Hakuba's great tours and experiences are available at Activity Japan!

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