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【Oita · Yufuin's Kimono Rental Recommendation】 Must-See ☆ Hot Spring Area Large classic of walking tour! Kimono · Kimono plans including hair set, etc. Kimono popular rental kimono · Yukata shop Summary

Activities Japan has accepted reservations for kimonos and yukata rental plans that you can enjoy kimono at ease in Yufuin (Yufuin) hot spring area that is perfect for such walks and eating walks ☆ You can experience hand clothes while wearing clothes, dressed And easy hair set cheap plans are also popular plans of top ranking regulars even in this site popularity ranking ↑ Let's enjoy sightseeing in Yufuin Onsenkyo from fashion from one of the leading "Kimonos in the country" ◎


【Tochigi Nikko Yunu River valley ice minigration trekking】 A wonderful view of winter! A large special feature of the popular trekking tour aiming for the ice pillar "ice waterfall" created by the wilderness!

Outdoor activity Freak everyone Would you like to enjoy the winter season in 2018? In Japan where you can enjoy different charms of each season, there are premium nature experiences "Absolutely not only experienced in cold winter" in Japan ◎ This time featuring "ice crew trekking" to experience the spectacular scenes of nature woven from such winter limited activities *: ... Please burn the ice pillar of great power that will only appear in a few weeks from January to February, when the temperature drops most in winter ♪


【Okinawa Whale Watching 2018】 Participate in encounter rate high tour! Go out to Naha for departure from Naha Recommend plan Boarding reservation reception!

The season of "whale watching" has finally arrived in Okinawa to meet the group of whales in 2018 ♪ The group of humpback whales that have stored plenty of nutrition in the northern seas in the summer come out from late December every year since late December I will return to the warm Okinawa sea by breeding season ◎ I feel the habits such as "head slap" striking the head against the surface of the sea and "hypopy" dancing while rotating vertically ♪ Do not miss the showtime of whales that can only be seen during this time! !


【Bungee Jump Booking】 Popular Bungee Spot Experience Fee such as "Ryujin Large Suspension Bridge" in Japan Top Hours · Opening Hours · Booking Method etc ... Opening Information Introduction

Happy New Year everyone in the National Activity Freak! We will strive to make it available and easy to use in 2018 so we would like to thank you for "Japan's Largest Leisure Activity Reservation Site Activity Japan" m (_ _) m Saya Now, the first New Year The best recommendation item is "bungee jumping" Anyway ♪ As a start of a year to challenge a new year with a new year's economy, bungee is not a challenge of mottekoi (* '∀ `) ♪


【2017 Summary】 Popular experience Leisure · Activity Ranking & Popularity Surprisingly Extra Activity 5 Selections announced!

We will publish "Popularity Experience Leisure Activity Ranking" based on the number of bookings of this year for this year titled "2017 General Summary" ♪ We will announce "5 Popular Activity 5 Selections in 2017" ♪ The latest trend from classic popular events Let's look back on "this year's play" and plan a next activity challenge for the upcoming 2018 (⌒ ▽ ⌒)


2018 Start a new thing! Activity list by theme

To the New Year, I want to start something new, but for those who think that there is something! Activity We will introduce the experiences plan Japan recommends by theme. It is good to expand the range of new hobbies by the New Year. Do what you wanted to do once in a lifetime. There is no thing that human beings can not do. Let's expand my world more!


【Ice Climbing Experience Reservation】 Beginner's big welcome at Nagano Iwane Sanso and Tochigi Nikko! Eisen, Ax, rope etc Equipment equipped with rental plan Introduction

In Activity Japan, you can easily and conveniently book an ice climbing plan that climbs a frozen waterfall in the nature with plans to experience on the population ice wall of Nagano · Iwane Sanso, Tochigi and Nikko ◎ Only available in limited areas , Activities that you can experience in winter only ↑ If you are interested in now Doctor ♪ ♪ Experience "Ice Climbing" in the winter season of 2018 ◎


【Snowmobile Experience Reservation】 You can drive without a license! Hokkaido · Nagano · Niigata etc. Winter Popular Leisure "Snowmobile" Traveling Tour Experience Tour Special Feature

We are planning an experience plan that you can easily and conveniently book at Activity Japan together with snowmobile basic knowledge such as "Where can I ride snowmobile?" And "" License required? "Etc. which is not surprisingly known! ! It is an extremely popular event ranked third in '2017 - 2018 season winter popular activity ranking' which was announced the other day ☆


2018 Ski resort · Special price cheap pack plan with great lift ticket

Start reselling and selling ski lift tickets from this year! Purchase tickets for ski resorts is definitely recommended for advance reservation in advance. Offering a cheap price of a 1-day lift ticket as well as offering a family plan discounted with adult / child tickets as a set, discount sale of period designation on weekdays and weekends, gift certificates, meal tickets, etc. The benefits attached are also enriched. Activities that can be enjoyed at the ski area will be added from time to time! Please check regularly ♪


【Asakusa · Kimono rental shop】 ♪ For New Year 's Shrine and Tokyo sightseeing ♪ Cheap price · Hand - made set plan announced popular ranking of booking number!

In 2017, popularity rose sharply, especially in women, is a "Japanese kimono rental" ♪ ♪ This year's keyword "Photogenic = photograph shadow" Kimono figure is good with SNS such as insgram! A big success in acquiring (* ゚ ∀ ゚ *) Moreover, just by going to the shop front by hand, we can enjoy kimono at ease from low cost to dressing · hair set, renting of small accessories at ease, so far expensive hands The kimono which had never arrived was shifted from "buy" to "borrow".


Activities and activities that can only be done in Hokkaido in winter of 2018

The northernmost country "Hokkaido" is still the most seductive cold winter season ◎ Most people planning to travel in Hokkaido in the winter season from 2017 to 2018 ♪ Sightseeing in Hokkaido and sightseeing in Hokkaido Speaking of events such as seafood such as sea urchin and crab and sapporo snow festival are popular, activities that can fully enjoy majestic nature and snow scenery are absolutely recommended ◎ Sapporo, Otaru, Furano, Niseko etc. Close up to winter activities that can be enjoyed in the popular area of ​​◎ We introduce the latest attention ranking analyzed independently from our site all reservation data and plan which is popular as a standard every season! ! ☆ ☆ experiences that you can only experience in Hokkaido in winter season with family, couples, friends


【Fukushima Back Bandai Snowshoe Experience Reservation】 Many of the nation's most exquisite snowshoe courses such as Goshikinuma! Rental included Popular snowshoe guide tour introduction!

2017 - Have you decided the schedule for the winter vacation of the 2018 season? Indoor leisure and cultural experiences enjoying in the warm indoors in a cold season are also good, but this indoor outdoor activity that directly felt the Japanese seasons can not be busted! Close-up to the appeal of the snow activity "snowshoeing" recommended this season's great recommendation this time ◎ Winter sports enjoying Japanese winter is not only skiing and snowboarding ×


【Kyoto Tourist Leisure Complete Guide Book】 Introduce recommended Japanese cultural experiences and popular Kyoto leisure thoroughly! Kyoto in this winter is sure to be Kore! !

Kyoto is popular as the city where the winter is the most seasons in the four seasons and it is counted as one of the top destinations recommended for cold seasons in the coming seasons among a number of sightseeing spots ◎ This time a Japanese culture experience that you can enjoy as a leisure for such a Kyoto trip ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0

2017 _ winter_ranking

【Popular Activity Ranking in Winter】 2017-2018 Introduction of Winter Season Featured Leisure! Snow activity and winter limited leisure Recommended version of winter play!

Activity Japan will announce the attention activity ranking of the 2017 to 2018 season independently analyzed based on the reservation data of last year ☆ people viewing this page think that there are many people who want to play even if it is cold Well ↑ Wait until the winter vacation! Let's go to full-open active ☆


【Christmas date gift】 One gift to the world to hand gifted · handmade

Christmas awaiting awaited will come this year ☆ It is a great event for lovers from two days to exciting (* ^ _ ^ *) It is about time to start thinking about plans to spend with her, boyfriend, lover ♪ Activity Japan In 2017 we recommend "making things" that you can make one original in the world as a Christmas date and gift accents ◎


【Tokyo Bay, Sumidagawa etc. Houseboat reservations accepted】 Recommended for banquets such as year-end party and New Year's party! Enjoy the spectacular view of the Tokyo Bay Area!

It will be about a month to leave 2017 again ♪ I will enter into a fun drinking party season such as year-end party ♪ ♪ There are popular taverns, bars, karaoke etc. as a standard tavern, bar, karaoke etc. Activities Japan Transcendence Recommended Bonenable Party · The New Year's party style is a great party to enjoy with "Yakka boat" ♪ There are plenty of boat-board boarding plans recommended for small groups such as friends and couples dating as well as drinking groups at companies and student groups etc. (¯ ^ ¯) Asu


【Kyoto rental kimono】 latest version! Fall 2017 popular plans ranking

Activity Japan 's January 1 - December 31, 2017 We will introduce the Kyoto Kimono Rentals Popular Plans ranking TOP 10 and the recommended shop by the reservation data (11/2 point) ♪ I will introduce you to the Kyoto Dating' s classic Popular couple discount plans as popular as school trips and school discount plans that can be used for free time of school excursions are popular ♪ ('▽ `) If you are cute with kimono or yukata, SNS shooting is also battle with photogenic ◎ rental kimono sightseeing by sightseeing Let's deepen my memory further ♪


【Tokyo Bay Fishing Experience】 Recommended · Popular fishing vessel reservation reception list

Speaking of representative fishing spots in the vicinity of the Kanto area, famous fishing bays such as Tokyo Bay and Sagami Bay can be enjoyed on a day trip. So this time we will introduce a fishing boat plan that you can enjoy fishing at the spot "Tokyo Bay" surrounded by Tokyo, Kanagawa and Chiba by picking up ◎ Let's check information on fishing such as participation age, fee, fishing fish etc. ♪


[Forest Adventure] nationwide version advance admission ticket reservation reception list

From Forest Adventure Park all over the country, from Forest Adventure Park enjoy activities all year round, Forest Adventure Chichibu is popular all over the park, including 8 tickets to advance tickets to sell premium reservations while getting AJ points You can play ◎ The best season for autumn is to play in mountains and forests! This time we will introduce a list of the park's experience fees and holding period etc. (¯ ^ ¯) ub There are plans during the campaign that can be booked at discounted prices 〼 A lot of exhilarating zip lines such as big powerful and a full-fledged athletic Please enjoy ☆

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