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アクティビティジャパンの2017年1月1日〜12月31日催行予約データ(11/2時点)による京都着物レンタル人気プランランキングTOP10とおすすめショップををどどーんとご紹介します♪京都デートの大定番として人気のカップル割引プランや、修学旅行の自由時間にも利用できる学割プランが人気♪( ´▽`)カワイイ着物や浴衣でキメればフォトジェニックでSNS映えもバッチリです◎レンタル着物で京都観光の思い出をより一層深めましょう♪


【Tokyo Bay Fishing Experience】 Recommended · Popular fishing vessel reservation reception list

Speaking of representative fishing spots in the vicinity of the Kanto area, famous fishing bays such as Tokyo Bay and Sagami Bay can be enjoyed on a day trip. So this time we will introduce a fishing boat plan that you can enjoy fishing at the spot "Tokyo Bay" surrounded by Tokyo, Kanagawa and Chiba by picking up ◎ Let's check information on fishing such as participation age, fee, fishing fish etc. ♪


[Forest Adventure] nationwide version advance admission ticket reservation reception list

From Forest Adventure Park all over the country, from Forest Adventure Park enjoy activities all year round, Forest Adventure Chichibu is popular all over the park, including 8 tickets to advance tickets to sell premium reservations while getting AJ points You can play ◎ The best season for autumn is to play in mountains and forests! This time we will introduce a list of the park's experience fees and holding period etc. (¯ ^ ¯) ub There are plans during the campaign that can be booked at discounted prices 〼 A lot of exhilarating zip lines such as big powerful and a full-fledged athletic Please enjoy ☆


【Latest Version】 2017 Popular Activity Plan Ranking Ishigaki Island

As with Okinawa islands such as Miyakojima, the average annual maximum temperature does not fall below 20 ° C Ishigakijima is a popular spot where you can enjoy outdoor activities all year round ◎ Snorkeling and diving playing in the high sea, diving, SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board) Ichi Kayak and other plentiful leisure experience plans are attractive ♪


【Okinawa main island】 handmade Ryukyu glass · glass workmaking making experience Recommended workshops · classroom list

The popular event is "Glass making experience" using Ryukyu glass etc. along with the experience of making traditional crafts in Okinawa Prefecture ♪ Activities Japan can make authentic Ryukyu glass with blown glass experience etc. You can book handmade glass making experiences unique to Okinawa until you can participate easily from the plan dragonfly accessory making plan ◎ ♪ memorable memories of autumn and winter Okinawa trip with glassware as a souvenir or present


【Latest Version】 2017 Miyakojima Popularity Activity Ranking

The popular sightseeing spot Miyakojima that entered the full-scale summer activity season in 2017! Popular resort area We will announce the ranking of Miyakojima activities that you can make reservations at Miyakojima! The latest ranking is also full of activities that can enjoy the beautiful beaches of Miyakojima and majestic nature ◎ snorkeling that can meet sea turtles, SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board), Mangrove Kayak and diving which is a classic marine sports popular experiences tour ♪ Because it is an area of ​​rush to book every year, consideration as soon as possible ◎


Kyoto Ceramics Experience - Ceramics Experience Guide to Enjoy in the City and Popular Tourist Spots -

Pick up pottery class · workshop to hold a popular leisure representative "Kyoto experience" in Kyoto sightseeing which is becoming more popular in autumn / winter season! There are various courses such as a potter's wheel, a handworking and a painting experience, and the pottery work containing thought is ideal for home use as well as for souvenir ◎ Activity Japan Recommendation plan ranking etc. Other thorough basic information such as experience fee and time I will introduce you ♪


【2017-2018 Lake Yamanaka Lion Fish Fishing】 Introduction of popular dome ship "Wakasagi Fishing" plan which can be enjoyed by hand

It is popular for small children and beginners to feel free to enjoy even with black bass fishing and similar as autumn and winter standard leisure "Wakasagi fishing" which is popular also like lake fishing ◎ ◎ Popular among them are popular especially popular sightseeing spots in Tokyo and near Kanto area The fishing experience plan for Yamanashi Prefecture Lake Yamanakako is open one after the other around late September and the season will continue until around next June ♪


【Nikko / Kinugawa】 Autumn's Recommendations Outdoor / Experience Activity Introduction

Popular spot of Silver Week travel in 2017 Pick up lecturers of Nikko Tochigi Prefecture ♪ Natural sightseeing areas such as Nikko Toshogu Shrine, Kegon Waterfalls and Kinugawa Onsen as well as outdoor leisure enjoying rich nature such as Lake Chuzenji Lake are also popular areas ♪ ('θ `) Change from Shinjuku and Ikebukuro ◎ Let's enjoy leisure in autumn in the Nikko area where you can feel free from Tokyo central city ♪ (' ▽`)


【Autumn Gunma Minakami】 September - October recommendation Leisure · Popular activity

Excellent access from the center of Tokyo ◎ The majestic wilderness feels in Tokyo in just 70 minutes from the Joetsu Shinkansen to "Kamiko Kogen"! One of the most active activities in Kanto area Gunma prefecture "Minakami area (water, lunar night, monkey kyakyu, legal guardian)" exciting outdoor leisure excites the summer vacation season from September to October


【2017 Silver Week】 Recommend Outdoor Leisure Activity Experience!

Even if the summer vacation ends, not only children are not enough ♪ I will be glad Silver Week again after the end of August in 2017 ♪ ('∈ `) Generally it is July ~ 8 The moon (especially the summer vacation season such as the Bon Festival) is the season when the demand for the outdoor activities is the most season, but September is the most recommended time when the hot summer heat continues and the congestion of tourist spots is relaxed ◎

2017_okinawa 0910_ranking

【Okinawa Activities】 September - October 2017 Popular Plant Ranking

Diving in snorkeling, parasailing on SUP (stand up paddle board)! Popular Okinawa leisure is still full of summer from September to October ♪ ('▽ `) Compared with the summer vacation season in July and August, hotel and airplane fee cheaper, reservation for Okinawa Leisure Activity Experience ◎ The room can afford ◎ Naturally the popular tourist spot is also a time to avoid relatively crowded so it is an attractive season that you can schedule time with plenty of time (^ ∀ ^)


【Nagasaki · Tsushima leisure】 Popular activities such as diving · fly board · sea kayak etc. Experience reservation

Nagasaki prefecture Tsushima area where popularity is particularly high among domestic remote island tourism attracting attention in recent years. We will pick you up for outdoor leisure activities that you can enjoy with such Tsushima ◎ In this area where unspoiled nature such as the beautiful ocean remains, experience tour of diving and sea kayak is held vigorously especially. In addition, plans for the latest popular activities such as flying boards and hover boards that fly in the water by the water pressure are also content of ◎ If you are considering Kyushu travel, please try to land a little longer and land.


【Yoron Island Activity Booking】 Yoron Island Playing on a Big Scenic Beach such as Yurigahama Beach Recommended Leisure Experience Booking

[Kagoshima prefecture Yoron island recommended activity] Outdoor leisure activity of Kagoshima prefecture Yoronoshima (Yoron Jima · Yoron Island) which is rising rapidly in the domestic travel destination popular ranking in recent years since the middle stage in August also the demand of outdoor leisure is also peak season ◎ ♪ We will pick up the access method to the island and popular tourist spots and enjoy the beautiful sea Marine sports reservations reception until the reception information on Yoron Island is checked ♪ ('ε `)


【Excursion Game Experience in Tokyo】 Real escape game of Shinjuku · Ikebukuro! Clear the mission and escape!

Recommended escape games experience in Tokyo Tickets for advance tickets reservation · charge introduction! As a entertainment "escape game (ESCAPE GAME escape game)" that allows escape games popular in Internet games to be experienced in the real world real ♪ ★ ('ε `) Cooperating with teams and various wrestling on the course A clever mind to clear the mission is an indoor leisure activity highly recommended this year ♪


【Tokyo VR Experience】 Tokyo Recommended VR Attraction Facilities Ticket Reservation · Charge Introduction

【東京VR体験】話題の都内VRアトラクション施設チケット予約・料金紹介 アクティビティジャパンでは東京都内渋谷や池袋の注目VR体験スポットの前売りチケットのご予約を受け付けています。そこで今回はVR体験の基礎知識から人気プランの料金価格、予約方法までわかりやすく解説します。ポイントが付くのはもちろんお得な割引プランもご用意していますので是非チェックしてください◎

2017 _rainy_activity

【Rainy Day Outdoor】 Only 5 fun outdoor leisure activities are available because it is rainy

【Rainy Day Outdoor】 Only 5 fun outdoor leisure activities by rain! There are not a few activity types that enjoy the charm as scheduled without being canceled even with some rain or bad weather ◎ So this time there is not a left or right of the implementation of even a bad weather, so you can enjoy it even on rainy days , 'I can enjoy it because it is a rainy day' ___ OUTDOOR LEISURE / ACTIVITIES ___ ___ 0 ('ε `) Outdoor play, Please increase your excitement to see ♪ ('ε `)

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