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【Kanagawa Fishing Spot】 Shonan · Miura Peninsula · Yokohama etc ... Tokyo Bay · Sagami Bay Recommended Fishing Boat & Popular Fishing Plans Ranking "2018 Newest Version"

Activity Japan As Spring / Summer 2018 One of the recommended activities "Fishing / Fishing" Experience ♪ Although it is thought that it is for full-fledged anglers and men, although recently it is easy to enjoy fishing in children and women groups Plans are gaining in popularity ◎ In particular, attention is rising especially in Okinawa area, Chiba Boso Peninsula, Tokyo Bay · Sagami bay area ◎ This time it is accessible well from central Tokyo and well represent Kanto I will thoroughly introduce the sea fishing / fishing boarding tour which I enjoy with "Kanagawa prefecture" Sagami Bay "and" Tokyo bay "which is also known as a fishing point _ _ (¯ ー ¯)


【Play with Tottori Dunes! 】 Paraglider · Segway · Extra thick tire mountain bike etc etc ... Recommended shop list for experiential activities

"Tottori prefecture" which is popular from the Kansai region (Kinki region) and the Chugoku region (Sanin and Sanyo) for weekly sightseeing, leisure and travel destinations such as families and couples dating. According to what I heard, "The Three Major Shadows of Thin Japan" seems to be known as a disgraceful name, but the Tottori sand dunes that enjoy the magnificent view facing the Sea of ​​Japan enjoy a lot of reservations in the spring and summer season It is a spot ◎ The area is divided into two main areas, "Tottori (Tottori Dune) · Ura Mi coast" and "Yonago · Etsushi · Sakaiminato · Oyama", among them "Tottori sand dune known as" Japan's most famous sand dunes " So we can enjoy the paragliding experience full of refreshing feeling unobstructed in sight and the "mountain bike experiences of extreme tires" which rows powerfully on the sand and is enjoyed by many tourists.


【2018 Newest Version】 Okutama Rafting Experience Popular Plan Ranking & Shop List

The beginning of the water sports season also in 2018! Let's experience "Rafting" in the Okutama area "which is known as one of the most active activities spots in Tokyo with outstanding access from central Tokyo. This time, we will thoroughly explain the basic knowledge of Okutama Rafting together with the popularity ranking of the rafting plan and the shop list that you can book at Activity Japan ◎ If you enjoy active hot summer in 2018 Excellent cooling feeling Bisho Enjoying "Rafting" absolutely husband I will not!


【2018 GW latest version】 Golden week popular activity ranking

【2018 GW latest version】 Golden week popular activity ranking The "Golden week (GW)" which is also enjoyable also in 2018 has come near ↑ ↑ This year the maximum 9 consecutive holidays from April 28 (Sat) to May 6 (Sun) There are also a lot of people planning to go out with a family, friends, couples, using the biggest consecutive holidays annually ♪ ('θ `) No So this time it became an annual event We will release the popular activity rankings of the Golden Week season by area, event, plan 3 categories ♪


【2018 Latest Version】 Chichibu · Nagatoro Rafting Experience Popular Plan Ranking · Popular Shop List

The spring and summer activity season is finally coming in 2018! ! Marine activities, activities such as river and mountain activities that only enjoy in the warmer seasons such as river and mountain activities can not be held here from around April gradually seasoned in the Golden Week, plans which started reservation acceptance has also increased Plans ◎ So this time, "river leisure Rafting (Rafting) "which can also be said to be the" King of the Rocks ", which is well-accessed from central Tokyo and the Kanto area and is a popular area with attractive nature such as outdoor and camping" Saitama Chichibu · Nagatoro area "I will introduce you to ↑ ↑ ↑


【Latest version】 2018 Okinawa Blue cave diving popularity plan ranking

Onna village of Okinawa main island Cape Castle "Blue Cave (Aoto no Okito)" is the tour course of the most popular diving and snorkelling in Japan as well as Okinawa. It is a representative of the "Okinawa scenic spot" with its name because it shines as if the sunlight plugged into a cave of about 30 m in depth reflects to high transparency seawater and the ocean floor as the inside of the cave lights up blue. . A mysterious sight created by nature is an ant if it goes to Okinawa travel ♪ ♪


【Latest version】 2018 Iriomote popular activity ranking

A remote island in Okinawa Prefecture, "Iriomote Island", which is located a little west of Ishigaki Island and also called "Oriental Galapagos" is a spot where the whole island is designated as a national park and is a spot where you can enjoy unspoiled nature. It has numerous national designated natural treasures such as Iriomote cat and is a popular travel area alongside "Ishigakijima" and "Miyakojima" among the popular Okinawa remote island popularity recently. Also, since the popularity of remote islands has been rising especially in 2018, many people are planning to travel in the spring and summer.


【2018 cherry-blossom viewing ceremony】 "Cherry-blossom viewing × activity" that you can enjoy while watching cherry blossoms

The season of the visit "Ohanami" coming in spring has come near in 2018 ◎ The prediction of the flowering of Tokyo Yasukuni Shrine is around 3/20 and according to each flower blooming information site, this year it is expected to bloom slightly earlier than usual ♪ The seasons in which cherry blossoms can be enjoyed in cherry blossoms etc from flowering to full bloom are in an empty season ☆ Activities As with Japan, of course, "Ohanami × Activity" including cherry-blossom viewing and canoeing experiences of course is also definitely recommended this year ↑ ◎ It is ◎ to plan ahead of time and aim for the time of full bloom ◎


【Latest version】 2018 Popular Activity Plan Ranking Ishigaki Island

【Latest Version】 2018 Popular Activity Ranking at Ishigaki Island! Like the Okinawa islands such as Miyakojima The average annual maximum temperature does not fall below 20 ° C Ishigakijima is a popular spot where you can enjoy outdoor activities all year round ◎ Snorkeling and experiencing diving, standby paddle board (SUP) playing in high- And sea kayak · canoe · kayak etc. ♪ There is also a plentiful leisure experience plan ♪ Ishigakijima is "Beautiful scenery too" as well as the nature of the southern country such as the primeval forest where the topic Kabirawa (Kabirawawa) in the media and the mangrove grows It is also a distinctive area where there are many activities that you can enjoy. Let's plan a leisure with reference to the latest popularity ranking in 2018 ♪ Ishigakijima in autumn and winter is also the best (¯ ^ ¯) ゞ


【Latest Version】 2018 Okinawa Activity Experience Popularity / Recommendation Plan

Paradise which can enjoy outdoor leisure all year round "Okinawa" is popular spot of activities such as islands such as Ishigakijima and Miyakojima, including Ichigojima and Miyakojima, as well as islands such as Iriomote Island and Kumejima and Kerama Islands which can also be accessed from the main island ♪ International We introduce popular · recommended plan of attention Okinawa Activities attention in 2018, including marine leisure which can be enjoyed together with staples, Shuri Castle, Shura Aquarium and other classic sightseeing spots ☆ Highsai! I LOVE OKINAWA! !


【What is a cartonnage? 】 European traditional cardboard craft (paper craft) "Cartonnage" classroom · atelier · experience plan

Do you know that European born making experience 'Cultonnage' is gaining attention now? "Cartonnage" whose origin is said to be France is a traditional cardboard craft (paper craft) traditionally passed down in the West, and now has a secret boom as a making experience leisure in Japan, even on television and the Internet Many have been introduced and it has become a hot topic.


【Latest Version】 2018 Miyakojima Popular Activity Rankings

【Latest version】 2018 Miyakojima popularity activity ranking! Okinawa Miyakojima where average maximum temperature does not fall below 20 ° C throughout the year ♪ paradise where you can enjoy marine sports and outdoor activities all year round Such a popular sightseeing spot Activities in Miyakojima area The latest ranking of experiential plans available for reservation in Japan (2017 1 Based on reservation data of Monday ~ December 2017) ♪ We have many outdoor leisure activities that can enjoy the beautiful beaches of Miyakojima and majestic nature ◎


【HIS × Activity Japan】 Activities awarded the 2017 Furusato Original Goods Of The Year Prize!

"Furusato Namemushi no The Year" is a great item that supports the future of the region by having people know the challenge of the region through discovering and recognizing the mastery that sleeps in the region and the stories and initiatives that support it It is an award system consisting of 34 divisions supporting the development of the market and "fans of the region". HIS participates in 12 secretaries since FY 2016 and adds four department awards "Digital Tourism Pamphlet", "Experience Activity Section", "Station Eviction of Commitment", "Furusato Movie Division", a business operator dealing with regional specialties However, we will uniquely identify and award prizes that sleep in the area from various angles and efforts to support them.


[Tokyo glass work · making crafts] "Glasses" and "accessories" made by blown glass and banner technology are popular! Glasswork Experience Recommendation Class 10 Choice!

[Tokyo glass work · making crafts] "Glasses" and "accessories" made by blown glass and banner technology are popular! Glasswork Experience Recommendation Class 10 Choice! Blown glass, stained glass, burner work, sand blasting, etching etc ... Let's experience making glass work using various glass craft techniques ♪ Glass works hand-made with these techniques include glasses, dishes, candle holders and mirrors , Various accessories and so on, it is perfect for present gifts for important people as well as those who like creative activities, can make one original work in the world in various ways


【Spring Activities】 Introduce recommended leisure and fun activities for spring vacation in 2018 and going out for Golden week all at once! It is a must-see ※

We will close up the attention activities of Spring 2018 to analyze from the reservation ranking data of the spring of 2017 (March to June) ↑ We will introduce you in the spring vacation season, travel destinations, drive etc. We are full of activity that you can enjoy in the popular area ◎ If you look at this, you will see the activity trend this year ♪ Please reference and please book at affordable Japan at Activity Japan ☆

2017 _ valentine

【2018 Valentine gift major feature】 Chocolate is already old! What? Experience type plan that you can use for popular handmade gifts and date You recommend 3 recommended!

【Reservation for Making Experiences Activity Japan】 The seasonal Valentine 's seasonal season will come for both men and women in 2017 ♪ Activity Japan offers "Chocolate + One gift to the world" ☆ Silver accessories such as rings and bangles We will introduce memorable thing making experience plan such as pendant using traditional crafting from making. It is also good to experience with two people, give a present at surprise ◎ ◎ It is full of recommended plans for those who say "Only chocolate does not convey my feelings" ♪ We pick you up by area such as Kanto, Kansai, Okinawa (☆ ' A song

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