Takisanji Oni Festival
Traditional culture that has continued since the Kamakura
"Takisanji Oni Matsuri"
Okuyamada weeping cherry tree
A venerable cherry blossom with a tradition that lasts 1,300 Year
"Okuyamada weeping cherry tree"
Okazaki Castle
Ieyasu Tokugawa's place of success
"Okazaki Castle"
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From history and culture to family-friendly experiences and gourmet food! Okazaki is full of seasonal attractions! Here, we will focus on Okazaki's "play and experience"!

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What is the charm of Okazaki City?

Okazaki is a post town full of nature and historical sights, about 20 minutes from Nagoya Leisure facilities and experiences that families can enjoy, including Okazaki Castle, the hometown of Ieyasu Tokugawa.

Recommend Plan / Tour

Recommended experience tour of Okazaki city

Okazaki City Tourism Association

[Aichi / Okazaki City] Hatcho Miso Brewery & Sake Brewery Burari Journey

一般社団法人 岡崎市観光協会
3,800yen~(tax included)

At "Kakukyu Hatcho Miso", wear a happi coat and Factory tour the factory. After the tour, you will have a miso soft serve ice cream. Lunch is "Okazaki Enjoy Special Lunch" using Hatcho Miso and Okazaki's local chicken at "Torori Egg Omurice Santa" in the adjacent Kakukyu Hatcho Village. Explanations and tasting of the brewery at "Maruishi Brewery" (comparing 2 types of sake from 4 types of sake), and you will also receive a specially made Inoguchi as a gift. * You are responsible for moving from Kakukyu Hatchomura to Maruishi Brewery.

Okazaki City Tourism Association

[Aichi / Okazaki City] Take a break with a kimono Kimono experience at Okazaki Park and lunch at Okazaki New Grand Hotel

一般社団法人 岡崎市観光協会
4,100 yen~(tax included)

You can wear a kimono at "Okazaki Park Jonantei" and take a walk around the park freely. You can also enjoy matcha with Japanese sweets. For lunch, we will prepare a special Matsukado bento meal at the adjacent "Okazaki New Grand Hotel".

Okazaki City Tourism Association

[Aichi / Okazaki City] Wheat is strange! Authentic handmade udon noodles at a long-established store of the original kamaage udon noodles that Okazaki is proud of

一般社団法人 岡崎市観光協会
4,800yen~(tax included)

You will be asked to change into a craftsman's costume, make dumplings from udon dough, step on the dumplings, stretch them with a rolling pin and cut them, and enjoy a full-fledged handmade udon experience. Finally, you will have to eat your own udon noodles in a soup with tempura.

Okazaki City Tourism Association

[Aichi / Okazaki City] Enjoy nature! Grape picking in a vineyard full of fun

一般社団法人 岡崎市観光協会
2,200yen~(tax included)

Grape picking of the largest grape hunting gardens in the Tokai region, and you can enjoy harvesting in the house even in the rain. Other, you can enjoy it all day long at Leisure facilities such as barbecues, Go-kart, and athletics. If you bring something that can be cooled, such as a cooler box, you can keep the grapes chilled while playing athletics or during barbecue, so you can enjoy it even more deliciously. However, you cannot take the grapes you picked up with you, so please purchase souvenirs at the direct sales office.

Okazaki City Tourism Association

[Aichi / Okazaki City] A lot of play! Experience hunting yuzu and making yuzu syrup in the bran experience village

一般社団法人 岡崎市観光協会
Service out of period

Using the sounds of nature such as the buzz of the forest, the babbling of the river, and the chirping of small birds as BGM, you can experience harvesting fragrant yuzu cultivated in your own farm, making syrup and pepper using the yuzu, and Okazaki. It is a facility where you can experience various things while interacting with the special products of Okazaki City, such as the experience of making original pudding that uses the eggs of the purely domestic local chicken "Okazaki Ohan" as they are. ~On the day~ ① Yuzu hunting in the yuzu field 30 minutes ② Harvested yuzu to make your own yuzu syrup 30 minutes ③ Meals and light meals at the cafe 30 minutes

Okazaki City Tourism Association

[Aichi / Okazaki City] Experience at a flower shop-Making Herbarium photo frames made by parents and children

一般社団法人 岡崎市観光協会
4,000yen~(tax included)

A workshop provided by a historic florist. Let's make your own work in the store surrounded by flowers! You can use as many flowers as you like from a wide variety of flower materials. After creating it, you can take a photo in the stylish store. We provide a healing time to face the flowers. 1 minute walk from Higashi Okazaki Station. -On the day of the flow ~ ① How to make Explanations 10 minutes ② work making 60 minutes ③ photography 20 minutes

Matsui this sum candle workshop

[Aichi/ Okazaki City] Matsuimoto Kazu Candles-Japanese traditional candles manufactured and sold as "Painting Experience" Summit gifts

3,500yen~(tax included)

Aichi You can draw your favorite picture with acrylic paint on the traditional craft Japanese candle in Okazaki city, prefecture. Time required Is one hour. It is smoother if you think about your favorite design in advance. Japanese candle of our studio is 2016 Ise Shima The Japanese candle of "Kakitsubata", which was given to the leaders and others at the summit related events, was filled with our factory's technology. Year It is a traditional handicraft of Okazaki that inherited the tradition of Rare at the Japanese candle shop, 100%Japan It is a manufacturer and distributor of Japanese candle-only products in all processes using hand-made wax. Our dedicated designer will give you advice on painting experience. You can also observe the making of Japanese candles at the work place. (Reservation required)Time required Is less than an hour. In addition, core cutting, head cutting work 500 yen You can experience from

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New Ways to Enjoy Activities in the After/With Corona Era
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