Things to do in Okinawa

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In Okinawa, attractive There are many spots in each area, the popularity of the plan is also to traveling alone of women have been held in various places. Among them from being referred to as classic is in the marine sports, it can be a variety of activities experience. In popularity from the old days in the Onna Village, which is located in the middle, it is especially recommended cave snorkeling blue. Since the set time has also provided four times a day, relatively easy to participate, it is easy to built-in travel features. In addition, there is also a one-group-one guide of the charter plan, you can choose according to the purpose of my travel. In Okinawa What is the main island tourism base of the Naha southern, remote island in the near-field, it can be accessed by plane and bus to Kumejima. Diving Speaking of Kume Island, but in recent years, attention to beauty-related courses have gathered. Among them is the treatment is recommended using natural materials of Okinawa. When you travel, but please try to come experience!

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