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In Okinawa, there are many attractive spots in each area, and plans popular for female travelers alone are held in various places. Among them, marine sports is said to be a staple, and you can experience various activities. It is popular in Onna village located in Chubu, especially from the blue cave snorkeling is recommended. Since collecting time is provided four times a day, it is relatively easy to participate and it is easy to incorporate in the trip. There is also a charter plan for one group 1 guide, so you can choose according to your own trip purpose. The base of sightseeing in Okinawa main island is the southern part of Naha, you can access to nearby remote islands, Kume Island by plane and bus. Speaking of Kumejima is diving, recently attention has also gained attention on esthetic related courses. Above all, treatment using natural materials of Okinawa is recommended. When traveling, please try it!


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