Snorkeling in Okinawa

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To feel free to enjoy the sea of ??Okinawa, snorkeling is the recommended activities. Including the cave of the world-famous blue, Kerama Islands, Ishigaki, Iriomote Island neighborhood, you can enjoy the popular snorkeling in the sea of ??coral reefs and tropical fish are beautiful shallow water, such as Miyako. Also tired of the beach snorkeling, if the boat snorkel, it is also possible to move to the best spot. Snorkeling experience in the longing of diving point will also be realized. Since the wear (free rental Yes, depending on tour) wet suit, you can experience the world of the sea with peace of mind Even if you're swimming is not good. If lucky, it is also possible to encounter a sea turtle! In the tour of the reservation, feature and content of the plan, held period, the required time, meeting place, fee of one per adult, please check in advance, such as eligibility.

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