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The stand up baddle board (SUP) is a marine sport that stands while balancing on a large size long board similar to a surf board, and uses water as an all, not only in Maui but also on coasts and lakeside in various places in Japan Experience tours and tournaments are held. Normally, on the experience tour, the rental fee of the tool is often included in the experience price, so you can enjoy it easily because it is not necessary except for towels and swimwear. Just by receiving explanations such as attention points from staff before departure, it is attractive that novice users can enjoy it with little training even for ages 11 and older. Let's keep good manners and have fun. Recently, it seems that the style of SUP yoga which enjoy yoga on the board using the board for the stand-up paddle is increasingly globally as one of enjoyment methods. The weight of the main body of the board used in the stand-up paddle is generally 12 to 17 kg, which is excellent in strength and stability. There seems to be a type of model for cruising where the top part is sharp or for a race with a relatively long overall length. Depending on the physique of the rider, the shaft changes the material such as aluminum and the optimum length. Please keep the purchased board in a place that is not exposed to sunlight.


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