Kanto in Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP)

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Stand-up paddle surfing (Stand up paddle surfing, SUP), which is enjoyed all over the world mainly in Hawaii, is a play in recent years is attracting attention at the beginning Japan Okinawa! SUP A, Maui Big Weber, in a sport that Rei Aad Hamilton came to the limelight started as lower body strength training, standing on strong board of slightly greater buoyancy than a surfboard, in the longer paddle than ol use in canoe It is a new water sports Rowing. Long-distance movement by using the paddle also becomes possible, it has been enjoyed by people of all ages in a variety of styles, such as cruising and fishing. To those who want to experience this SUP in the Kanto, we will introduce several recommendations for school. Experienced instructors will support those who want to master the surfing in the SUP. Also carried out the rental of such board and wet suit parts by school.

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