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Kanagawa of the Prefecture Zushi/Hayama is a clean sea and mild climate, there is a stylish cafes and restaurants, there is a calm atmosphere area is. Zushi Marina is located along the coast of Zushi is, of palm Thu can feel the tropical mood lined with, sports area Available as a resort where you can enjoy in such and restaurants First name is. Time of summer, Zushi in the vicinity of the coastal summer festivals and flower Tue you can enjoy. In Hayama, sea in the beautiful and quiet beach Wed bath enjoy, the hydrangea park are blooming hydrangea of 3,000 shares, "Kanagawa flower First name as has been selected to plant 100 election", stunning scenery seen I will. In this area , we prepare a lot of Activity to enjoy in the beautiful and quiet ocean of Zushi/Hayama such as Kayak , wind surfing, SUP, yachting and so on.


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