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Paddle Hayama (Paddle Hayama)Paddle Hayama (Paddle Hayama)

神奈川 / 横須賀・逗子・葉山・三浦

パドル葉山(Paddle Hayama)の特徴

Our shop is Hayama Isshiki coast immediately side of SUP specialty store with Imperial Villa (pro shop), experienced professional instructors in Japan and overseas of the sea will be instructed to carefully from SUP lessons to gear to choose, Hawaii and Okinawa, etc. SUP journey such as also of coordination, is SUP consulting shop that activity, backup to total up to one and enthusiasts who want to experience the SUP.

パドル葉山(Paddle Hayama) のギャラリー


One color, Kanagawa Prefecture Miura-gun, Hayama-machi 2096
business hours 8:00~19:00
Regular holiday A day, seven days a week (Irregular)
credit card out of service
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