The play of Japan, the Japan of charm, do not spread in the activity Japan?

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Four Why would you want to run the activity Japan

Experience type sightseeing plan "Quickly and easily!" Posted for free!
You can do one-stop until the sale from the registration!

Initial publication costs



Initial page production cost


free!※ I created in our company.

Advertising costs



※ as the usage fee, it will take the results-based compensation expense for the reservations via the activity Japan.

Cognitive expansion with various media collaboration! Inbound also corresponds!
To win new customers prompted the repeater fixation.

We sell the experience plan with a strong sales network of HIS!
You can also appeal to the visit to Japan tourists in collaboration with inbound business!

Not only the sale of the only activity Japan web site, domestic 299 stores, in stores that set up the overseas 228 offices, over-the-counter operator will sell the goods.

In addition, we will conduct sales activities that make maximum use of the sales network of the HIS group, such as group companies specializing in inbound ※ 1, coupon application officially approved by the Cabinet Office, publication on "HIS coupons * 2".

※ 1 Sales only for businesses who can accept inbound* 2 Depending on the contents of publication, some fee

Market expansion through collaboration with strong media companies!

We have cooperation powerful media and a large number of outdoor experiences and cultural experiences.

We will continue to expand in the future cooperation!

For flexible user guidance in the book correspondence by phone!

For flexible user guidance in the book correspondence by phone!

Not only the web reservation, we also accept reservations by phone from our customers.

With customers and you are wondering, booking your choice of customers, such as telephone accepted just before it is possible in a wide range to attract customers to provide, further direct that the operator to conversation, carried out a detailed description and of the product, such as product proposals, reservation contracts concluded It increases the certainty.

Easy and convenient management features! Centralized management from the reservation to the reception!

To sales from the registration, four steps!

Credit card settlement function of the peace of mind! !

Settlement to receive on the day of the fee in advance! Management of the day of the burden and accounting will be more smooth.

By the use of a credit card settlement function, "time and effort reduction of tolling in the over-the-counter", "reduction of no-show", has the effect to "ensure collection of the cancellation fee."

Terms and Conditions here

Card settlement commission = 3%!

Available credit card

Convenient smart check-in function! (Online processing function)

Convenient smart check-in function! (Online processing function)

Implementation on the day, at the customer's smartphone, can visit processing instantly on the spot!

It eliminates the need to process later bother.

Home page making, reduce the time-consuming to operate!
WEB telephone support of peace of mind for those who not good!

Support in the management aspect, of course, has also carried out a user of the reservation induction by phone, also supports the part that can not be covered by both the WEB have been made directly by telephone. Home at the time of me for a plan also will substitute in our company.

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Hours 10:00 ~ 17:00

Great experience, a great excitement,
Please be posted on the activity Japan by all means!

Of course, expand sales channels, improve operational efficiency, such as polished goods,
We will be happy to help a variety of things! !

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