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4 benefits to be posted on Activity Japan

Posting cost is 0 yen!
Easy to start for free!

Easy and convenient management system!

Phone support is OK!
Reliable support system!

Experience-based sightseeing plans are posted for free "quickly! Easy!"
You can do one-stop from registration to sales!

Initial posting cost

0 yen


Initial page production cost

0 yen

free! * We will create it.

Advertising costs

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About fees
Only if you have booked your experience plan through our services
We charge a customer transfer fee and an online settlement fee.

Expand awareness through various media collaborations! Inbound is also supported!
Acquire new customers and promote repeater retention.

We sell experience plans through HIS's strong sales network!
You can also appeal to tourists visiting Japan in collaboration with the inbound business!

In addition to selling only the Activity Japan website, store operators will sell products at 299 stores in Japan and 228 stores overseas.

In addition, we will carry out sales activities that make the most of the HIS Group's sales network, such as inbound-specialized group companies * 1, a coupon app officially approved by the Cabinet Office, and posting on "HIS Coupons" * 2.

* 1 Sold only to businesses that can accept inbound tickets * 2 Some charges may apply depending on the content posted.

Expand sales channels in collaboration with powerful media companies!

We collaborate with many powerful media for outdoor experiences and cultural experiences.

We will expand cooperation in the future!

Collaborative media services

Flexible user guidance is possible by responding to reservations over the phone!

Flexible user guidance is possible by responding to reservations over the phone!

We accept not only online reservations but also telephone reservations from customers.

Customers who are wondering or who wish to make a last-minute reservation can attract a wide range of customers by setting up a telephone reception desk, and by having the operator talk directly, detailed product explanations and product proposals can be made and reservations can be concluded. Increases the certainty of.

Easy and convenient management function! Collective management from reservation to reception!

4 steps from registration to sale!

Reliable credit card payment function! !!

Settle the receipt of the day's fee in advance! The burden on the day and the management of accounting will be smoother.

By using the credit card payment function, it is effective in "reducing the trouble of collecting charges at the store", "reducing unauthorized cancellation", and "reliably collecting cancellation charges".

Click here for terms of use

Online payment fee = 3%!

Accepted credit cards

Convenient smart check-in function! (Store visit processing function)

Convenient smart check-in function! (Store visit processing function)

On the day of the event, you can instantly process your visit to the store on your smartphone!

You can save the trouble of processing afterwards.

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