Solicitation policy on insurance products


We will strive to explain insurance products according to customer's intention and circumstances by comprehensively taking into consideration the knowledge, experience, property situation, and the purpose of concluding contracts with customers' insurance products.


In guiding insurance products, we will comply with the Financial Products Sales Act, Insurance Business Law, Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, the Consumer Contract Law, and other various laws and regulations, and strive for appropriate insurance sales.


When selling insurance products, we will not solicit by time zone, location and method that would cause trouble for our customers.


In explaining the insurance products, we will endeavor to provide an easy-to-understand explanation to the customer's position so that customers can fully understand and select the best insurance products. Especially neglecting explanations of important matters or making assertive explanations of uncertain matters, we will not conduct acts that could mislead the customer's judgment.


When selling insurance products such as mail order sales that do not face customers directly, we will devise a method of explanation etc. so that customers can fully understand.


In the event of an insurance accident, we will make every effort to promptly and accurately pay for the insurance payment procedure.


From the viewpoint of preventing illegal acquisition of insurance money, we will strive to execute appropriate insurance sales.


We will strive to respond politely, promptly and appropriately to customer inquiries, we will actively utilize opinions etc. received in future sales methods etc.