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Activity Japan 's "ONLINE Experience Tour" is for people who have a desire to go out of the house, spend time with humans and play with something, as well as those who are physically handicapped and usually outdoors. Those who have few opportunities to try outdoor Activity, those who are considering visiting Japan and considering which area to go to play, etc., may endure or give up participating in Activity and experiences due to various reasons. We are aiming for a service that creates contact between people so that even those who are at home can feel as if they are participating in Activity locally.

Activity From Japan

The ONLINE experience tour can connect customers with Partner on a daily basis, and is a continuous "experience-based product that can connect people to regions and people" ( Digital content). You can feel free to meet with instructors and guides on ONLINE and enjoy a conversation while experiencing a simulated experience.
Even when many people are refraining from going out, by interacting with people in each region, we can create a feeling of compassion for people and a warm "exchange", and as a result, at the next opportunity. Would like to actually visit the area and have the experience of spending time with Partner in the area, which will lead to sustainable tourism promotion.

Activity Japan, while the challenge to be a new initiative the future, Japan is to continue to provide information of a new trend to outside customers, customers and local experience Partner, including the like, along with the engaged in tourism people, tourism While promoting the early recovery of demand in the industry, we will work to contribute to tourism promotion and regional revitalization in each region.

Frequently Asked Questions for ONLINE Experience Tour

Q What is an ONLINE experience tour?

A ONLINE experience tour is a participatory Activity that you can enjoy from your home or anywhere you like on the Internet. You can participate in various experiences while enjoying ONLINE communication with Japan experience Partner using your computer or smartphone. Currently, you can participate in more 130 cheap experience plans on the Activity Japan website, such as lectures / workshops using materials and ingredients (materials) delivered in advance, simulated experiences of Activity and travel tours, drinking parties and Events participation.

Q How to participate in the ONLINE experience tour and how Time required does it take?

A ONLINE experience tour using web communication tools (mainly Zoom and Skype) for video calls and video conferencing on PCs and smartphones. The tools and Time required will differ depending on the plan / Partner (approx. 1 hour is a guide), so please check the experience plan page at the time of application, download the ZOOM app etc. in advance, and participate on the On the day. ..

Q How to pay for the ONLINE experience tour and how to change the reservation?

A The payment method for the ONLINE experience tour is only ONLINE payment (credit card, AmazonPay, PayPal). No changes will be accepted after booking the ONLINE experience tour. Please apply again and cancel the existing reservation from "Mypage". Please be sure to check the plan page as the cancellation fee and cancellation policy will differ depending on the plan and Partner.

Q What are the popular plans for ONLINE experience tours?

A Sightseeing guided tours and Activity tours are popular, where you can enjoy the feeling of traveling Japan and overseas while visiting the spectacular scenery, unexplored regions, and towns of Okinawa 's blue sea. The pottery and sushi-making experience that families and children can enjoy together, the social studies tour where you can learn history, nature, and culture, and the creature (marine life) observation tour are also popular. We also recommend a yoga/dance experience where you can actually exercise and refresh yourself. Many of them are cheap and take a short Time required so you can feel free to join us.

Popular ONLINE experience tour

GRAT!S!SUP (グラッツサップ)

[ONLINE experience] Miyakojima tourism ◎ "the East beautiful grant Naha foreshore beach" in Zoom!

GRAT!S!SUP (グラッツサップ)
Miyakojima (Irabujima, Shimojijima, Kurimajima, Ikemajima)
1,500yen~(tax included)

"I want to deliver what we can do now ..." As the new coronavirus spreads, many people are fighting against the new coronavirus regardless of their own danger. Medical people of the workers, of course, members of the government, people responsible for logistics, also to all of those who have me fighting a hard new corona virus from their respective positions, such as those who provide us with the necessities of life Miyakojima from With all my heart ... I would like to deliver from Miyakojima. While having a conversation and chat with participants Miyakojima you can enjoy the spectacular views of ♬ ◎ white sandy beach given the deep blue sea ☆ the East in Naha foreshore beach Introduction ◎ Recommended tourist attractions and shops introduce etc Photo © ️ NORIPOS

セルリアンブルー(Cerulean Blue OKINAWA)

[Okinawa / ONLINE Tour] Sing and dance ♪ Bus guide will guide you ♪ Popular virtual tour-Kouri Island

セルリアンブルー(Cerulean Blue OKINAWA)
Nago/Motobu/Sesokojima, Minnajima, Kourijima
2,500 yen1,500 yen~(tax included)
Special Deals

*The bus guide will guide you through each tourist destination using movie. *This plan allows you to enjoy the realism while staying at home. Tour participants can enjoy the scenery of sightseeing spots, environmental sounds only here, and guide guidance on their smartphones / computers. ~Tour contents~ It's impossible to be a real Bus tour Okinawa North-South popular tourist spots around! Okinawa The popular tourist spots on the main island of movie are used to guide you through the popular singing and dancing bus guide. You can always see the blue sky Okinawa scenery regardless of the weather! ~ Information place ~ ・ [Kouri Island] Cross the Kouri Bridge, which is famous for its spectacular scenery, and take a walk on the beach!・[Sweet palace] The originator! Red sweet potato tart confectionery palace! Great shopping information!・ [Manzamo] A superb view from a height of 20m consisting of raised coral rocks!・[Okinawa World] The natural limestone cave "Gyokusendo" and powerful Acer performances are the highlights! * Guide each tourist spot using movie * [Schedule] ZOOM ONLINE Tour starts around 11:00 ↓ Bus guide self-introduction, customers Self-introduction time ♪ ↓ Tour content Explanations ↓ Largest US military base in the Far East ↓ Kouri Ohashi, Kouri Beach ↓ Okashi Goten ↓ Manzage ↓ Okinawa World ↓ Scheduled to end around 12:30 ~Thank you for your hard work~~ *Since the above schedule is an outline, the end time may change. Please note that.


[ONLINE Experience] We will train Dr. Taki! A trip around the Boso Hills and unexplored waterfalls

1,000yen~(tax included)

Chiba The Boso hills spread over the Boso Peninsula in the prefecture, where there are many waterfalls, making you feel like you are at your home! You will learn about the flood control culture unique to Boso and the river circulation, and when you actually go there, the appearance will always change, and it will be fun to see the topography and waterfalls. The principal of a local nature school trains you to become Dr. Taki.

SAKURA Experience Japanese Culture

ONLINE decorative winding class-Shikai winding

SAKURA Experience Japanese Culture
Kawaramachi/Karasuma/Omiya Area
2,500yen~(tax included)

This is a class of "Shimi-maki" rolls that you can make ONLINE. We will inform you about the materials and preparation after making a reservation, so don't worry! We will give you the recipe after the completion, so you can make it again at home. You can change the color scheme by changing the ingredients, so it's a gorgeous sushi perfect for parties and celebrations. Please remember this opportunity and try to make it.

Affordable ONLINE experience tour

Keola YOGA

[ONLINE experience] First yoga-Relieving stiff shoulders and improving blood flow throughout the body-

Keola YOGA
500yen~(tax included)

Refreshing with blood and wastes that tend to be stuck in home work and self-restraint! It is said that the human body's muscles harden after being in the same posture for 20 minutes. Let's loosen the body solidified by long-term home work and self-restraint life. Refresh every night and set your mind and mind for the next day's work ♪ If you do not want to see yourself, you can join with the camera off / microphone off. (However, if you see it, you will be able to see the poses and tell you more ...!) ● Items to prepare ● ① ZOOM-compatible device * Although it can be carried on a cellphone, it is better if the screen is large, such as an iPad tablet or PC. (2) Yoga mat * Because there are poses that make you sick, please prepare a large bath towel or loose cloth that will not hurt your knees. ③ Water Please have it ready for hydration during yoga!


[ONLINE experience] Walk in the air over the forest of Yanbaru ★ We will also guide you to the zip line farm.

Service out of period

【オンライン体験】もちろん実体験まではいかないけど、沖縄北部はどんなところなんだろうと疑問に思いながら気軽に参加してください!これから沖縄旅行を計画立ててる方にもおすすめです。ご参加いただいた方は沖縄での実体験時にこの料金をそのまま割引させていただきます!Zoomで行うので質疑もリアルタイムで行えます。 ※飛んでいるときは画像が荒れる場合がございますので改めご了承くださいませ。 『地域共通クーポン』利用店舗


[Japan anywhere] fun and the foundation practice of hula! "Stretch and Hula Basic" 30 minutes 700 yen

700 yen~(tax included)

I want to participate again and again! Fun, pleasant, basic hula practice! ■ "Stretch and Flabasic" Approximately 30 minutes Let's practice the basics that most beginners and experienced people should value most. When you ride a beautiful Hawaiian song and move slowly, your mind and body feel good! If you do it carefully, your mind and body will be refreshed! Anyone who has already tried the one-to-one zoom can participate. ■First 20-minute zoom meeting “One-on-one zoom trial” (everyone has participated once in advance. Let's discuss the date.) First, look at your face using the application called Zoom. Let's talk while We are standing by in front of a large mirror, so if you can move, please move with us and give yourself time to familiarize yourself with Zoom. * If you want to dance to learn the choreography of the hula, "group ZOOM hula lessons" 30 minutes 700 of another menu yen offers a * ■ hula Dance class familiar hula circle "than Yokohama Hula Studio" Yokohama Hula studio is, 2007 Year is the hula dance circle, which started in the summer. Everyone who is new to dance, hula-experienced people, children and the elderly, everyone is participating in good spirits. Why don't you spend your time together as a hobby, where the charm of each person shines? ■ ONLINE Hula Dance Lesson The Yokohama Hula Studio ONLINE hula lesson begins with a 20-minute zoom meeting “1:1 Zoom Trial”. First of all, talk to the teacher to see if you can hear the music and Explanations, if you can move, then move on together and spend some time getting used to ONLINE. Even those who are not good at the Internet can experience hula with confidence. The menu for ONLINE hula lessons includes group hula lessons and individual hula lessons. Every Tuesday morning group lesson is "Stretch and Hula Basic 30 minutes 700 yen" and "Group ZOOM Hula Lesson 30 minutes 700 yen". We recommend taking a set on the same day, and if you choose one, we recommend "Stretch and Hula Basic". Every Monday morning group lesson "Hula Dance [Intermediate] 60 minutes 1400 yen" "Hula Dance [Beginner] 60 minutes 1400 yen" and every Sunday afternoon group lesson "Hula Dance 60 minutes 1400 yen" is being enjoyed. ■ A good balance of hobbies, work, family, and health Originally, Hula is a traditional dance that continues to be learned in a classroom (Halau) that inherits Hawaiian culture, but Yokohama Hula Studio is all about hobbies, work, family, health, and life. We aim to be a place where you can enjoy yourself at your own pace and relax in your busy days.

Overseas ONLINE experience tour

H.I.S. Travel (INDIA) Pvt. Ltd.

[ONLINE Experience] Taj Mahal Virtual Tour / India / Private / I'm interested

H.I.S. Travel (INDIA) Pvt. Ltd.
1,500yen~(tax included)

◎ Taj Mahal Virtual sightseeing is done using Zoom, a free videophone app. (Approximately 30-40 minutes) ◎ HIS Delhi's experienced Japanese guide will guide you through the points of Taj Mahal in an easy-to-understand manner. Those who are interested in Taj Mahal, such as those who want to prepare for the Taj Mahal that they once wanted to visit, those who have visited before but want to take a retrospective trip, etc., will be able to enjoy it. ◎ The price is 1,500 yen for one group (up to 10 people) Weekday, and 2,000 yen Saturdays and Sundays. Number of participants increases, the price will not change for up to 10 people, so invite your family and friends to join us! ◎ At the end of the tour, we will set up a question time. You can also ask questions about India in general except the Taj Mahal. Please ask a lot of questions. ◎ After participating in this seminar, we will give a great coupon for tours and Activity in India to customers who cooperated in the questionnaire.

Popular Hawaii Activity Join a live tour from your house

1,100yen~(tax included)

You can experience that popular tour ONLINE live. Every Saturday, Japan time, popular Hawaiian Activity will be held for a limited time. Only now can you take an ONLINE tour! You can feel free to experience traveling to Hawaii while you are at home. Enjoy it as a preview experience of your future plans, and if you experience it in real time in Hawaii next time, your impression will be doubled.

[Seminar] Introduction to religious paintings ・ Knowing the theme, masterpieces will start to move more! National gallery

London, England
700 yen~(tax included)

*For donations to the London National Gallery. We will donate 80% of the sales amount (*) We will talk about the basics of Christianity in an easy-to-understand manner while looking at the collection of the National Gallery in London, which has masterpieces. The stories and characters of the paintings, which until now were only known as "famous paintings", come to life. !

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About our guideline and correspondence about new coronavirus (COVID-19)

In order to allow many customers to enjoy various Activity across Japan safely and securely, we have established the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. Basic countermeasure policy for new coronavirus infection control"・" Avoid the three secrets"・" New lifestyle Based on the "rooms Partner we have recommended measures against infectious diseases, such as the following for.
  • Instructors and participants should have sufficient distance
  • Use masks as much as possible while participating
  • Ventilate frequently to avoid enclosed spaces
  • Thorough hand washing and disinfection
  • Thorough disinfection of equipment
  • Customer and employee health management, etc.
For infection prevention measures of the operating company, see the information of each operating company at the bottom of the plan reservation page. [Appeal point for safety] Or [Precautions for participating in the course] Please refer to and contact the relevant operating company directly for details.

How to enjoy new Activity the after/with corona era

Even if it is placed in customers, to continue when going out, avoidance of the so-called [three dense], Sekie Ticket, in addition to thorough, such as hand washing and alcohol disinfection, 2020 Land, on June 19 (Friday), Infrastructure and Transport - Tourism Agency announced [New journey of e Ticket】, take action to avoid the risk of infectious diseases, and try to enjoy Activity and leisure safely.
There is a tourist facility, Activity Partner, whose business hours and departure dates are still changing. Please check the calendar status at the time of application and check the latest information at Partner for each event even after making your reservation. Please check with each event Partner regarding whether there is a cancellation fee due to sudden closing of the facility, suspended of Activity experience, etc.
▼Specific measures by each Partner (example)
[Special feature] How to enjoy new Activity the after/with corona era

[Special feature] How to enjoy new Activity the after/with corona era

Since 2020, the world has begun to seek new lifestyles. While taking measures to prevent the spread of the new type coronavirus (COVID-19), more has been increasing its number of shops that have made Activity entertaining. This time, we will introduce an initiative that goes one step further.

ONLINE experience tour
Next, let's meet with Activity Partner Japan!

How to book an ONLINE experience tour

Choose your favorite experience plan!
Choose your favorite experience plan!

ONLINE experience tour search You can consider the experience plan at. Find your favorite ONLINE experience tour by comparing the experience contents and prices.

Select Dates and Tour Time!
Select Dates and Tour Time!

After choosing the experience plan, select the date you want to experience from the calendar. * The Dates and Tour Time you can make a reservation depend on your experience.

Enter information and make a reservation!
Enter information and make a reservation!

You can enter your information and apply for a reservation! Contents and experience method vary depending on the experience plan. Be sure to check in advance and make a reservation.

Membership registration is required to book an experience.

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