Online Tour Experience: Sugarcane cultivation in Miyakojima, Okinawa-Learn how to make brown sugar

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I was worried that "I love sweets, but I can't stop", Activity Japan editorial department S.

I've had less chance to go out lately, so I'm kind of worried about Talmi on my stomach.

When I was enthusiastic, "I have to review my health this year!" "Cultivation of sugar cane in Miyakojima, Okinawa-from making brown sugar" Trial version online trial tour Will be held.

Therefore, I decided to participate with the interest of "sugar cane seems to be healthier than white sugar ...".

Although I had no basic knowledge about sugar cane, I will report on the online tour experience that was drawn into the deep content.


What is "Alternative Farm Miyako"?

What is "Alternative Farm Miyako"?

Holding an online tour experience of sugar cane-brown sugar making "Alternative Farm Miyako" ..
Okinawa / Miyakojima so Pesticide-free sugar cane cultivation I am doing.

Hold online "Cultivation of sugar cane-making brown sugar" Besides, in Miyakojima, Okinawa "Experience making brown sugar banana sweets" Is provided. looks delicious! I'm also interested in the "Brown sugar banana sweets making experience"!

Deep digging about the geography and culture of Miyakojima, Okinawa and the history of sugar

Deep digging about the geography and culture of Miyakojima, Okinawa and the history of sugar

It ’s the one who navigates this online tour experience. "Alternative Farm Miyako" of Mr. Matsumoto ..

Mr. Matsumoto at the beginning of the tour About Miyakojima's climate, festivals, and dialects He talked to me.

"Welcome to Mensore In Miyakojima .. That's how different it is. ".

Actually on Miyakojima Dialect video I also saw. It should be easy to understand if it is a video!
Miyakojima with its own dialect and culture I am interested in it.

continue, History of brown sugar Introducing.

Learn about the history of brown sugar

According to Mr. Matsumoto, Alexander the Great's expedition record states that India has sweet stones that break when chewed.

Sugar making started in Japan The era of Tokugawa Yoshimune 2,000 years later That's right.

There is also an explanation of the relationship between sugar and trade. The world of sugar that has driven the economy and history I will be drawn into.

Impressed by the "strength" of sugar cane!

Impressed by the "strength" of sugar cane!

After the history of sugar Growth of sugar cane of, With a video I will show you. At Miyakojima in Typhoon Ginza Sugar cane does not break even when the wind blows at a speed of 50 m / s Episodes too.

“The wind blows it into an L-shape and an S-shape, and it gets bigger and bigger. I'm fine,” says Matsumoto.

I was surprised at the strength of sugar cane. It is unique to online that you can explain with videos ..

Coupled with Mr. Matsumoto's nimble narrative, there is no doubt that he will deepen his understanding of sugar and sugar cane.

Making sugar cane is as deep as wine

Making sugar cane is as deep as wine

Finally The process of making brown sugar Was introduced with a photo. Squeeze the juice and cook in a pan It seems that brown sugar is made by a very simple method.

"Okinawa has various brown sugar producing areas. Locals "This brown sugar salty", "bitter" I sometimes express it. "

Sugar cane is a plant that grows in the field. Depending on the components of the soil and the minerals that the crop absorbs The taste also changes It's called.

“Making brown sugar is simple, but the taste changes with a little bit,” says Matsumoto.

The crops, how to make them, all of them appear in the taste ... For making brown sugar Things that are also familiar with making wine and coffee There is.

Next time I visit Miyakojima, Okinawa "Alternative Farm Miyako" I want to compare eating brown sugar. That feeling became stronger!

A profound trip to learn about sugar cane: an opportunity to review your eating habits

A profound trip to learn about sugar cane: an opportunity to review your eating habits

"Brown sugar is often thought of as a raw material for sugar, Crops that actually grow in the field .. We want to deliver fresh crops to our customers and keep the tradition of making brown sugar. "Mr. Matsumoto.

Online tour experience Opportunity to directly hear the thoughts of producers while staying at home But there is also. I found that the brown sugar that I usually eat casually is full of the creator's thoughts. An opportunity to rethink food became.

A deep world of brown sugar making. This tour is also recommended for families and families who want to educate their children and adults who want to review their diet.

Not only the online tour experience, but someday local Go to Miyakojima, Okinawa and experience it I want to do it!

It wasn't in the trial version, Regular version of "Okinawa / Miyakojima sugar cane cultivation-brown sugar making" Then Experience kit to taste raw brown sugar at home and sugar cane seedlings (for 1 to 4 people) So it's a great deal! The experience kit will be delivered to your home in advance.

The online experience aims to grow sugar cane and bite sweet stalks over a year, Planting seedlings Start from. Fresh and fruity while listening to Miyakojima and the history of brown sugar with videos, photos and quizzes. Gnawing the stem , Experience the burning of brown sugar I can do it.

It is recommended that you can experience making brown sugar "delicious, fun, and learn" remotely with your family, lover, and friends while you are at home, and you can also enjoy the feeling of traveling on Miyakojima!

[Okinawa / Miyakojima] Online sugar cane cultivation-brown sugar making experience "Charm of sugar cane"

Alternative Farm Miyako
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★ Zoom to connect Miyakojima / Alternative Farm Miyako's experience-based tourist farm and your home online, and use the experience kit delivered in advance to directly experience "the charm of sugar cane" from sugarcane cultivation to brown sugar making. I will guide you. ➤ At home, you can experience making brown sugar that is "delicious, fun, and learning" that you usually see at a tourist farm in Miyakojima.

Alternative Farm Miyako

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In order to deliver the original taste of fresh sugar cane, an organic sugar cane farmer / brown sugar processing craftsman will guide you through a delicious, fun, and learning experience.

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