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Announcement of popular activity rankings for reservations scheduled to be held from August 2, 2021 to August 8, 2021 ♪

This week's ranking, which finally enters the summer season in August, is Japan's number one bungee jump. "Gifu Bungy (height 215m)" is the most popular Earn!

The following is " Experience diving And " Snorkeling "Such" Okinawa Marine activities and "Sea fishing / fishing boat" in Kanagawa / Yokohama Is popular.

And the hottest is held every year for a limited time from July to September and many reservations are received. "Minamiizu / Hirizo Beach Snorkeling Experience Tour" !! There is a limit to the number of people who can enter the beach, so it is recommended to make an early reservation!

Come on, summer production! Let's enjoy leisure safely and securely at the shop that holds a tour that thoroughly prevents the spread of new coronavirus infection ◎

First place Bungee jumping

[Gifu Bungee / Shintabisoko Bridge] Japan's tallest bridge bungee jump with a height difference of 215m! !! GoPro free rental & video data service in progress!

Minokamo / Gujo
36,000 Circle 25,000 Yen ~ (tax included)
Special Deals
  • 4.8
  • (58 reviews and experiences)

★ "Japan's tallest" bridge bungee jump! !! ★ Shintabisoko Bridge is one of the largest bridges in Japan with a total length of 462 meters and a height of 462 meters over mountains in the Tabiashi River Valley. A thrilling big jump toward the Tabiashi River that flows far below in the magnificent nature! !! * Points and coupons cannot be used for this plan. * Bungee jump repeater discount (certificate)

2nd place Sea fishing / fishing boat

[Kanagawa / Yokohama] Feel free to go fishing for horse mackerel "Half-day boat fishing course" Beginners, women and children are welcome! Empty-handed OK

No. 2 Kamoshitamaru
6,000 Yen ~ (tax included)
  • 4.8
  • (236 reviews and experiences)

◆ Plan explanation It is a popular plan aiming for horse mackerel that even beginners, women and children can easily catch in Tokyo Bay. I'm glad that you can choose from the morning and afternoon! In addition, beginners can also receive lectures from a fun boatman who loves the sea! Please feel free to join us! Women and children (up to junior high school students) are usually 6,000 yen ⇒ 4,000 yen! !! "Horse mackerel(

3rd place Snorkeling

[Minamiizu / Nakagi] Landing at "Hirizo Beach"! Snorkel guided tour with outstanding transparency 1 day course

Marine Soft Shimoda
Shimoda / Shirahama
13,200 Yen ~ (tax included)
  • 4.4
  • (42 reviews and experiences)

At the southern tip of Shizuoka Prefecture, Minamiizu is the coast "Hirizo Beach" on the border between Irozaki and Nakagi. It's a popular place called "Izu's Last Unexplored Area" that you can't walk to. Whether it's near the Kanto region or the Izu Peninsula, the outstanding transparency and depth of fish shadows are unrivaled by other beaches as a snorkeling point! Above Hirizo Beach except by boarding a ferry in Nakagi

4th place snorkeling

Same-day reservation is OK! Blue Cave Snorkel [Okinawa / Cape Maeda] GoPro Photographing & Feeding Free English Guide Available! HIS Super Summer Sale in progress

Blue cave, Onna village
3,240 Circle 1,500 Yen ~ (tax included)
Special Deals
  • 4.8
  • (402 reviews and experiences)

* The facility used, Cape Maeda Public Parking Lot, will be closed due to the declaration of emergency in Okinawa Prefecture. Therefore, it will be held at Maeda Beach near Cape Maeda. If you wish to tour the Blue Cave, you will be changed to a boat. From the displayed amount, a boarding fee of 1000 yen per person will be charged. Please note that this is an emergency measure. Meeting time will change by September 1st

5th place Experience diving & parasailing

Popular No. 1 set course !! [Okinawa / Blue Cave Diving & Parasailing] Underwater photography is available for free with GoPro and is available at super special price !! [Onna Village / Kitatani]

Diving shop mensore (Okinawa diving mensore)
Blue cave, Onna village
18,600 Circle 9,980 Yen ~ (tax included)
Special Deals
  • 4.6
  • (118 reviews and experiences)

During the state of emergency declaration period, which is being announced from May 23, all facilities at Cape Maeda and Alaha Park will be closed as an infection prevention measure. * If the period is extended, the closing period will be extended accordingly. During the period, we will guide you through the blue cave diving by boat. A boat boarding fee of ¥ 1500 per person will be charged separately for the course fee. Also, the meeting place

6th place SUP (SUP stand up paddle board)

[Lake Biwa / SUP experience] Lake Biwa / Kosei SUP / Shirahige Shrine worship plan (2 hours)

4,500 Yen ~ (tax included)
  • 4.8
  • (63 reviews and experiences)

A SUP experience tour aiming for the mysterious Shirahige Shrine with its beautiful clear water quality and the torii floating on the water! In the beautiful Kosai, which boasts the highest water quality in Lake Biwa, you can feel the overwhelming vastness of Lake Biwa and the magnificence of nature while looking at the horizon. Let's enjoy the magnificent mountains and beautiful Lake Biwa! Take a commemorative photo in front of the torii gate in the lake! White beard which is the destination

7th place experience diving

Same-day reservation OK [Okinawa / Blue Cave / Experience diving] Introducing the latest GoPro9 ★ Empty-handed participation OK ★ Free high-quality photos and videos ★ HIS Super Summer Sale now in progress

Diving shop Nagomi
Blue cave, Onna village
8,500 Circle 3,980 Yen ~ (tax included)
Special Deals
  • 4.9
  • (812 reviews and experiences)

At the diving shop Nagomi, a dedicated instructor will be in charge of one group. Basically, unlike other stores, the staff in charge of the course will respond from the time of arrival of the customer, so there is no doubt that you can enjoy a lot of private time! !! (Please note that another staff member may respond only at the beginning when it is crowded.

8th place snorkeling

Supports regional coupons! Corona Countermeasure Shop [Okinawa Blue Cave Snorkel] ★ Unlimited photos & feeding and souvenir star sand will be presented!

Okinawa Diving Shop Sea Mall
Blue cave, Onna village
4,000 Circle 1,500 Yen ~ (tax included)
Special Deals
  • 4.8
  • (1296 reviews and experiences)

[Satisfaction No. 1] Flyboard, wakeboard, banana boat, etc. 11 kinds of marine, all-you-can-play for 2 hours + blue cave snorkel set is also very popular !! → ◆ GO TO Regional Coupon Dealer ◆ [Our Coronavirus Countermeasures] Customers

9th place Marine activity & snorkeling

"HIS Super Summer Sale Now" [Popular NO, 1] Snorkeling in the Blue Cave with Screaming Water Toys & Boats [Convenient Access to Onna Village]

Marine leisure high side
Blue cave, Onna village
9,000 Circle 6,500 Yen ~ (tax included)
Special Deals
  • 4.8
  • (36 reviews and experiences)

[Marine Leisure High Side does not incur any additional charges on the day such as boat fee and shower fee. Please come to the store with confidence. ] ー ☆ This is also recommended ☆ Held in 5 groups limited every day! Blue cave snorkel & parasailing 1 person 12,000 yen including tax

10th place water park

Adventure at Lake Biwa! Go to Adventure Water Park!

1,500 Yen ~ (tax included)
  • 3.5
  • (18 reviews and experiences)

[Natural freshwater only water athletic! Welcome to Adventure Water Park] Let's enjoy the beautiful and transparent Lake Biwa to the fullest! There are slides and trampolines, so you can enjoy it while bathing in the sun of Lake Biwa! In athletics, there are many elements that even adults who should have been accompanied by children can enjoy!

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