Things to do in Tokai

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Tokai area is mountains and rivers, because endowed naturally, such as sea, you can enjoy a variety of activities. Of Izu, Shizuoka Prefecture, Aichi Prefecture Chita Peninsula, Atsumi Peninsula, such as Ise and Shima, Mie Prefecture, in the area facing the sea, is a marine sports is recommended, such as diving and sailing. Sea kayaking and yachts, SUP, surfing, and diving, since it is a variety of experiences in the clean sea in summer is especially popular. Of Aichi Prefecture Kiso, such as the Nagara River in Gifu Prefecture, the river is close to the area, such as rafting, can also enjoy the river activity, is high popularity over whether the spring-autumn. Such as Hida Takayama Mount Fuji, in the vicinity of the mountain, you can also be a paragliding experience. Depending on the facility, so also me Jobs part-time job as an instructor, If you are interested, you might want also to try to challenge by all means at this opportunity. Here, we introduce a popular activity spot in the Tokai area.

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