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The Tokai area is naturally blessed with mountains, rivers, oceans and so on, so you can enjoy various activities. Marine sports such as diving and sailing are recommended in areas facing the sea, such as Izu in Shizuoka prefecture, Chita peninsula in Aichi prefecture, Atsumi peninsula, Ise and Shima in Mie prefecture. Summer is particularly popular because you can experience various experiences in the sea like sea kayaking, yachting, SUP, surfing, diving, etc. In areas where rivers are close, such as the Kiso river in Aichi Prefecture and Nagara River in Gifu prefecture, you can enjoy river activities such as rafting and it is popular from spring to autumn. Fuji Mt. Hida Takayama and other places near the mountain, you can also experience the paragliding experience. Depending on the facility, job posting information as part-time job as instructor is also posted, so if you are interested, it might be a good idea to challenge on this opportunity. Here, we will introduce popular activity spots in the Tokai area.