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In Mie prefecture there are many leisure facilities such as theme parks and amusement parks, adults and children have a good time and are recommended for family travel. Nagashima Spurland in Kuwana city is an amusement park with flowing jumbo pool. Also you can watch F1 race to decide F1 champions to be held at Suzuka Circuit in Suzuka City. In Spain village in Shima, you can explore the exotic Spanish cityscape. Besides the Toba Aquarium, where you can see dugongs, there is Ise Musoken Iwakuni Sei Paradise that makes me feel warm at touching with marine animals, and my children are delighted. Regarding sightseeing spots, in addition to Ise Shrine which can be said to be the largest power spot in Japan with a history of 2,000 years, Matsusaka City has a samurai house built at the end of the Tokugawa shogunate, the Oshiki Nakayashi, There are plenty to see and do. Also, experience tour plans such as sea kayak, surfing, river boat etc. are prepared in areas where marine sports are also popular near the sea. There are many hotels and accommodation facilities in the prefecture, and you can spend it slowly. To Mie prefecture where there are many such attractive places, access from Nagoya Station to JR or Kintetsu is common. It is safe to check the website beforehand such as usage fee, participation condition, reservation information etc beforehand.