Glassworking ・ glass workshop in Japan


North from Hokkaido south to Okinawa, Tohoku addition to this, Hokuriku, Koshinetsu, Shikoku, China, Kyushu, there is a glass workshop can experience the glass crafts in various areas of Japan. It builds up in two or more colors of glass "dragonfly ball making", sandblasting attaching a pattern cut by blowing sand (sand) into a glass (the blast) surface, such as glass blowing experience, it is possible to experience the charming glass crafts you. Made only of cups and accessories only one their own in the world, you can leave them in the work as memories of the trip. It is recommended to present to reward, an important person to me. In addition, it is a popular hands-on leisure at home where children come. In reservations, course contents of the classroom has been held in each workshop, the required time, because of different, such as fee, let's check the information.

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