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In addition to Hokkaido in the north and Okinawa in the south, there are glass workshops where you can experience glass craft in various areas northeast, Hokuriku, Kanto Koshinetsu, Shikoku, China, Kyushu, Japan all over the country. You can experience attractive glass crafts such as "Tonbo Ball Making" made with two or more colors of glass, sand blasting with sand (blasting) on ​​the glass, sandblasting to scrape the surface and blowing glass experience I will. You can make your own cups and accessories in the world and leave those works as memories of your trip. It is recommended for rewards to yourself, gifts for loved ones. It is also an experienced leisure popular among families with children. As you prepare for reservation, the contents of the course of the classes held at each workshop, time required, fee etc. will differ, so let's check the information.


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