Things to do in Yamanashi

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Yamanashi Prefecture, as there is no favorably compared to Hokkaido, and experiences corner that can enjoy the great outdoors, has been known for tourist attractions in many cases. Above all, always located in an upper level in the tourism ranking of foreigners "Mt. Fuji" is especially famous. In addition, it is possible to access in about 1 hour and 40 minutes by express available from Shinjuku Station to Kofu Station, one of the attractive also be able to enjoy even a day trip. In Otsuki popular with facilities women glasswork can enjoy, you can enjoy at reasonable rates. This area is surrounded by nature, in the neighborhood, there are also hot springs and campgrounds. Riding on the tire of the tube there is also a tour that can down the river, leisure spot likely to forget the time engrossed has scattered. Since there are many attractions and experience programs to enjoy from adults to children, why not try to visit family? You are also riding experience that can be outside riding the field of Yatsugatake, the banana boat canoe, smelt fishing, etc., there are a lot that can not be introduced courses of content that exciting.

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