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Yamanashi Prefecture is known for its experience corner where you can fully enjoy nature, as well as many sightseeing spots, as far as comparable with Hokkaido. Among them, "Fuji" which is always in the upper rank in foreign tourism rankings is particularly famous. Also, it is accessible from Shinjuku station to Kofu station in approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes by express express, so it is one of the attractions that you can enjoy even on a day trip. In Otsuki City, facilities that can enjoy glassware are popular among women and can be enjoyed at reasonable rates. This area is surrounded by nature, and there are hot springs and campgrounds in the surrounding area. There are also tours that allow you to get down the river by taking a tube of the tire, and there are scattered leisure spots that you are going through and are about to forget the time. There are many spots and experiences programs that you can enjoy from adults to children, so why do not you visit with your family? There are also horseback riding experiences that you can ride the Yatsugatake field outside, there are so many exciting things you can not introduce exciting courses such as canoeing, bamboo fishing, etc. on the banana boat.