Wakeboarding experience in Japan 208Results / Popularity order

And express the wake board easily, will be on the water version of the snowboard. That get pulled in a motorboat or personal watercraft is the same as the water-skiing, but in the case of wakeboarding you need to create a wave (Weiki). In the competition, it built a big undertow with a wake-board dedicated motorboat that towing boat, jumps and slalom use this wave, compete the work of such club. Motorboat of speed to pull the board is 20 ~ 30km in the beginner, beyond the 35km when it comes to advanced users, it is possible to enjoy a larger Weiki and the sense of speed, also becomes as determined tricks such as back roll to one rotation in the air you. Also reached to somehow skate level even one day if Ukere lessons at the school for beginners. Since you can also rent boards and wetsuits, let's by all means challenge.