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BananaBoard (Banana Boat) is a type of sports that is said to be a mini cruiser from America. In Japan, the deck is characterized as being harder than Benny or stereo which is known for familiar skateboards. The basic specification is the size of the deck length is 57.8 cm, the width is 15 cm and there is a difference in size depending on the brand. Banana boat, known for tourism and leisure in Japan, is a marine sport that can be enjoyed even by inexperienced people, and there are many places where you can participate without reservation except at popular tourist destinations. Unlike skateboards, Jet Ski pulls a floating wheel shaped like Banana (banana) is popular. Courses that families can feel free to experience are prepared in various places and you can enjoy flying and turns on an exhilarating ocean. In Okinawa, one of Japan's most popular tourist destinations, there are also courses combined with barbecue and snorkeling, so please choose a plan that suits your taste.


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