Banana boat in Japan

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BananaBoard (banana boat) is a type of sport which is said to be from the United States of mini cruiser. In Japan, the stiff deck as compared with Benny and stereo, which is known by the familiar skate board has been characterized. Basic Specifications is the length of the deck is 57.8cm, there is a difference in size by the brand in the size of the width is 15cm. Known banana boat in the marine sports to enjoy even inexperienced person is in the tourism and leisure of Japan, is also many places that you can participate in without a reservation except in a popular tourist destination. Type, such as unlike skateboard pull the float wheel jet ski in the shape of a Banana (banana) is popular. Are available in the casual experience can courses around in the family, you can enjoy the turn fly over the exhilarating sea. Since Okinawa popular tourist destination of Japan's leading is also courses combined with such as barbecue and snorkeling, please try to select a plan that suits your taste.

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