Banana boat in Okinawa

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Marine sports to enjoy in the tourism Okinawa, but there are various such as snorkeling and diving to dive the sail to sailing and water slide tension water, banana boat would you like. Banana board, in the vehicle of a large bladder in which the banana shape, boarded three people to 10 people, runs to lead in the motor board and personal watercraft. There is also a thrill to be out of balance may fall into the sea, is noisily enjoy popular water sports at all. Participants are also safe children because they wear a life jacket for safety. Participants age recommends as a guide for more than 4 years old to 6 years old by the plan, but there is also OK experience course even from 2 years old. Including the cave of blue, banana boat where you can enjoy while enjoying the charming beautiful scenery of Okinawa, Why do not you challenge us once. You will need be booked in advance, but please try to check from the list because there is also OK plan if the day up in the morning.

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