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There are various kinds of marine sports which you can enjoy in Okinawa sightseeing, such as sailing, sailing to slide on the water, snorkelling and diving dive in the water, but how about a banana boat? The banana board is a large bladder ride in the shape of a banana, 3 to 10 people boarding, towing with a motor board or a water motorcycle and running. There is also a thrill that may fall to the sea with the balance breaking, and it is a popular marine sport that everyone can enjoy. Participants are safe because children are wearing life jackets for safety. The age to participate is recommended as a guideline based on the plan from 4 to 6 years old, but there are also OK experience courses even from 2 years old. Why do not you try the banana boat that you can enjoy while enjoying the beautiful scenery of charming Okinawa, including the blue cavern, by all means once? Advance reservation is necessary, but please check it from the list because there are OK plan if it is till morning of the day.