Fly board (fly in the sky with hydraulic pressure) in Japan 124Results / Popularity order

Fly board is still new marine sport that began from France in 2012. Become a topic such as CM, it can be thought of as a now attention No.1. ? Mechanism of fly board, the water ejected from the personal watercraft, and injection from the bottom of the board through the hose, is a mechanism that float in the sky by the water pressure. Its unique floating feeling is, there is also like a SF movie, it is also possible to move around freely in the up, down, left and right while maintaining a balance in the body. Just you say that a new sense of activity. ? If also a senior person, or up to a height of about 10m, jackpot such or resurfaced dived into the water like a dolphin, but is freely, you can fly in it is approximately 10 to 15 minutes for beginners . ? Fly board, it looks at first glance seems difficult, let's by all means challenge since the actual can easily enjoy in peace anyone.


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