Okinawa (flying in the water pressure) fly board experience 49Results / Popularity order

Fly board caught fire in popularity in the wake of the TVCM aired in the summer of 2013. In order to experience the fly board, also it became a hot topic and tourists also about 2 million people in one year was rushed to Okinawa. Fly board of attention No.1 marine activities, in Okinawa Ginowan, Uruma Noken beach and Mulk beach beach, Sesoko Island, you can enjoy in such as beach Higa Beach. Beach Written boasts the best location resort hotel-lined, is polite guidance from experienced instructors of the World Cup class has been gaining popularity. Furthermore televised famous as CM location of fly board. In Sesoko Island, such as do image training firmly in the shallows, support system is thorough. In addition to fly the board on the beach Higa beach, there is also a marine activity unlimited ride of the plan.